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I have had my colostomy since Sept 21, and I got a 3-month supply from Liberator, but their prices seem high. They billed me for 6 2oz tubes of paste when I only received 3, and they said when I called them that they charge by the ounce. That doesn't seem fair to me.


Do you pay for your own supplies or do you have insurance?

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I am presently buying my ostomy supplies from Better Health Supplies, Inc.  They bill my insurance directly and I've had no issues with them. 

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I have Medicare but they only pay for part of it.


I just changed to Comfort Medical. They called my doctor and got approval for my three months' supplies. They bill Medicare and my other insurance company. There was no shipping cost and fast delivery. They also let me know when it is time to reorder. If you don't have additional insurance, you will have a copay. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

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Thank you for letting me know about them. I went online today and their prices look reasonable. I am going to look into setting up an account with them.

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Thank you for that information. Henry told me about a company he uses, but I will also check into Comfort Medical.

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