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Backpacking/Hiking with an ostomy


I have an ileostomy and I hike with a small pack, but I'd like to graduate to a big pack with a waist belt so I can hike and pioneer camp. The only thing is, I'm worried the waist belt will be on my ostomy. Does anyone backpack and can share their experience?

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Backpack no but I do carry duck decoys that has a waist belt on the bag. No real issues but I'm usually wearing multiple layers and chest waders. I do have a StomGuard belt and it protects your whole stoma area quite well. You could easily cinch the waist strap from a backpack over it and you'd probably never feel it. Its very comfortable to wear.  


Thank you!


I have done quite a few multi day back-pacing trips. Most recently three days in Bryce and three days in Zion. I did not have any issues with my pack. I have had my ileostomy for a long time. I adjust my shoulder straps so the belt is comfortable and it is fine. Have fun out there! 


I hike some and travel by air a bit, always using a backpack as my carry on. I've found over time that I have to wear a hernia support belt (Nu Hope) and a bag support wrap (Ostomy Secrets) and have had no problems. To be fair I am not carrying 60 pound packs on three day hikes so my experience and free advice are worth what you paid for it! :) 

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I'm not much a hiker but I did do the Subway in Zion about 20 years ago. Hadn't really thought about it for a long while until your post here. Beautiful place. Thanks for the reminder.

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