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Eakin Stomawrap review……


I posted about these awhile back and finally got my samples. I just put one on and only had to stretch it a minimal amount instead of stretching my normal rings a lot. I hated stretching the rings out so much that they lost their thickness. Using this stomawrap keeps the ring’s thickness intact. My stoma is 44mm. Might be worth a try for anyone sporting bigger stomas. 

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Never heard of them!  I’ll ask for a sample and see how they are for me..thanks for the review 😊


Alex please send link so we can see of what you speak ..please and thank you...Have a great weekend


After constant issues with leakage, I finally found Convatech SUR-FIT Natura® Urostomy Pouch with Accuseal® Tap along with the Natura® Moldable Durahesive® Skin Barrier with Acrylic Flexible Collar.  The flexible collar is almost like a turtleneck for your stoma.  I started using this last month and haven't had any leaks since.  Before, my Coloplast would only last 2 to 3 days and these are lasting me 4 to 5 days.  I love them!



Thanks for showing the link Axl. 


Are they any better than the original Eakin ones? I was using those one's 30 years ago they were a pain in the butt when it came to removing them used to take forever in the day to remove all the residue left behind 

Reply to Ben38

Not sure yet as I just put it on yesterday but they do say they’re the same as their rings, just bigger and open so it’s easier to go around your stoma. 


This looks like a one piece barrier extender.  Ostomy care is an art.  Try it.  If it works use it.  Personally, I take a thin ring cut it and put is around my ileostomy then apply the barrier. 

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