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Posted by budd002, on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:17 am
Hi everyone! So I had been avoiding the ER as long as I could but ultimately the throwing up won the battle and I got to go for a fun slip sliding ambulance ride up to the hospital yesterday.

For some time I have been asking my several doctors about this drug my friend recommended called Buscopan? It is used to control spasms in the intestine and bowel. Now all my doctors have said "No you have Crohn's and an Illeostomy, we can't give that to you..." However the doctor in the ER DID give it to me and it was INSTANT relief. All the cramping gone, pain gone. So my question is WHY will my regular doctors NOT give it to me if it obviously helped me yesterday?

Any suggestions to defend my doctors before I go in to their offices (on prednisone I might add) and start raising a fuss?

Reply by lottagelady, on Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:36 pm
Hi Sharry

I have the Buscopan leaflet in front of me now - it mentions not taking it for MEGACOLON or if you have CONSTIPATION ... I have had it given in hospital too for bowel spasm and it does work for me sometimes - however, I suspect the last 2 occasions where I have had pain - it wasn't exactly a digestive problem, more like adhesions or possibly endometriosis (well that's the next best guess at the moment!) which is why when I took it then it didn't work so ended up with morphine which always does!

You can buy it over the counter in the UK, not sure about over there - but it is good stuff. Can interract with some other meds and can affect your eyesight according to the leaflet.

Hope that helps a bit - I would have thought it was ideal for Crohns or any abdominal 'upset'?

Rach xx
Reply by budd002, on Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:58 pm
Funny how in different countries you can get some medication OTC and not in others. In the Philippines you can get morphine OTC...
Reply by mooza, on Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:17 pm
HEY Sharry I have Crohns disease and many operations ago I had my second or first operation and OMG spasms OMG just rememberinf OMG hahah i remembering them coming on grit teeth aqeeze eyes kind of pain and yep hold breath phew and yep i had a doctor come to my house and give for free BUSCUPAN no proplems and yep instant relief like a miracle at the time...I did have to buy more a few days later over the counter HEALTH REFORMS  i would protest     ask them if u can get your new buddy from england and australia too send you some over mine cost $ 5.oo good luck hope you feel better are you off to hospital because of spasms or you having surgery v bloody crohns geez they make a fortune out of our bad lucl from that blank of a blank disease just needed to vent thanks sherry hope that helped im going to the phillopines otc morphine hmmmm thanks rach
Reply by budd002, on Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:40 pm
Mooza...will YOU be my friend in the great land of Oz???...I'll send you my address if you can get it OTC...I'm going to have one last chat with my doc and if he still protests against him giving it to me I'll tell him I can get it somewhere else, that usually does it.
Reply by Mystified, on Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:13 am
Mooza  !!!!  Hon !!!  Will you plz take off those damn sunglasses???  It's kind of hard to respond to you when I don't know what you look like.  It's like standing on a corner waiting for a bus and you start up a conversation with a person with sun glasses on.  I don't know how others feel but for me, I like to look at someone's face and into someone's eyes when I'm talking to them.

Take care...just jokin....luv ya............Mystified  
Reply by LilacFaerie, on Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:28 am
When things began to get toooooo much for me last year and I finally went to the doctor for help I was given buscopan and told to take it up to 8 a day until the operation. I filled the prescription came home and read the blurb. Do not take for megacolon - but I've got that! - do not take for constipation - Got that too!! - do not take for bowel associated cramping - but I got that as well!!! Yikes - then it said do not take if you have rectal bleeding - OMG 4 for 4.

I panicked and phoned my doctor who told me that nothing, nothing cures stomach cramps caused by bowel problems like buscopan, don't panic - they know what they are doing. I took the meds and they actually stopped the pain! Okay it took 5 hours but it stopped the pain.

When I was in the recovery room after my colostomy my stomach was cramping and it hurt like heck, they were injecting me with buscopan!

And during my 8 days in hospital they pumped me full of it too.

It's really odd how doctors will use some medications that are contra-indicated for your medical condition, but they do work.

I would be definitely asking for Buscopan given your experience with it. If it can stop your pain dead in its tracks it's worth having.

If it works for you - fight for it. And if they argue let them monitor you while you use it. Cos this stuff is amazing.

The main reason why they don't like giving it - according to the Emergency Room doctor I talked to - is because it stuffs with peristalsis, and stops the normal contractions of the bowel and can cause constipation..... But on the other hand it stops the pain and cramping that is like colic and the pain medications don't even touch it.

The night I had colic in hospital I was in agony - the morphine was useless - I had hours of agony before I finally was found by a nurse crying my eyes out. She asked what the pain was like, I told her, she flew off and got me some buscopan and put it in like a drip over a few hours. It was bliss.

If you can get it, it's well worth having
Reply by lottagelady, on Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:45 am
I don't mind getting it OTC and sending it on for anyone who needs ......
Reply by airforce1, on Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:18 am
i have been on busapan at the moment it is not working i am home alone as husband has gone to speedway in pamlerston north in nz i have not fel to out all day just keeping eye on it
Reply by LilacFaerie, on Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:21 am
have you tried blending the buscopan with panadol rapid - when I was in hospital they gave me buscopan + 2 paracetamol 500gm tablets. That worked, so it might be worth a try. But if you can get panadol rapid, it's the same amount of paracetamol, it just works faster.

hope you feel better soon
Reply by airforce1, on Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:22 am
thanks  heaps what the tim over ther i cant sleep
Reply by LilacFaerie, on Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:25 am
coming up 10.30pm Saturday night. Time for me to try sleep

ZZZZZzzzzz - sending the sleepy faeries along with the anti pain faeries your way.... should be with you soon

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