Get off my back


Bob recently reminded me
that folks with disability
can fall foul occasionally
of those who think judgementally.

These folks are often ignorant
of anything that’s different.
So, tend to be intolerant
of things which might be lacerant. (painfully distressing)

Their ignorance will often show
when once they tell you what they know.
For then it shows that they’ve been slow
in checking relevant info.

Because they do not know each fact,
their judgments are then inexact.
Then when they tend to interact
it’s bully-bluster and no tact.

When Bob talks of his stoma’s shit
and ways he tries to manage it.
I feel upon the nail he hit
about judgemental hypocrites.

This concept makes me reminisce
of times judgemental shamelessness
and ignorant short-sightedness
led to nastiness and prejudice.

I’ve known folks who could not cope
with comments that destroyed their hope
and set them on that slipp’ry slope
towards an end with noose and rope.

I say to those who have the knack
of putting others on the rack.
Don’t be such a demoniac. (demon-like)
Get off my back - cut me some slack.

B. Withers 2019


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Love it!

Hello newyorktorque and Angelicamarie, Thank you both for your support. It's not everyone who likes or appreciates rhyming verse, so it feels good when folks show their appreciation for this literary format.
Best wishes

Bill... very well done! And that Bob guy sounds like he's all right as well (wink-wink). Got to go now and impress my friends with the new word I just learned. Or to follow Bill's lead....

With words I'm not normally very extravagant
But I feel the need to use my new word "lacerant"
So use it will, and I'll be adamant
If anytime soon I happen to be flatulent!

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday folks!

Words of Encouragement from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister
Thank you Bob for your post and I wish you well when you boast about your new word 'lacerent' which will be slightly different, in describing angst and pain - as we do time and again.
Best wishes

I feel like I need to revisit my Funk and Wagnall's 1886 version... lol. May I please have the word origin... LACERENT... third person plural present active subjunctive of lacero of Latin origin... Lacerate, Mutilate, Mangle, Wreck, Shatter and of course Destroy which is what my disease and those ignorant of my disease have at times tried to do to me... Nuff said.
Nice to know we have some intellect amongst the group!
Definitely a pleasant distraction. Thanks for sharing! And f__k the bastards if they don't care enough to educate themselves then they're just food burners!!

Hello Scuba-diver1972.
Thank you so much for reading my rhyme. You are absolutely right that the word lacerant is derived from the verb to lacerate, which originates from the latin -'lacer'. Normally the word would be used as you describe in the physical sense. However, it can also refer to 'feelings' and emotional pain. Sometimes, with us poets, it is necessary to 'invent' words to try to capture the essence of the rhyming picture we are trying to paint.
In this case we might attribute the word 'lacerant' to the (as yet unpublished) 'Dictionary of B. Withers'. If and when I make up new words, I do try to make them fit with the descriptive themes of words that already exist so that the reader 'feels' that they (somehow- deep inside their subconscious) already know what the word means. Thus, the vast majority of people do not go searching for the origins of word meanings and the authors rarely ever get inquiries such as yours.
I do hope that the introduction of new words does not upset you in any way, but it is in the nature and definition of 'poetic licence' that we rhymesters are tolerated for indulging in this sort of activity.
Best wishes

First of all, good morning. Second, I think you have a beautiful talent which leaves people in awe with your poems. Keep on writing those. You make our lives feel positive. XX ??

Hello Caz67.
Thank you so much for your kind comments. They are very much appreciated.
Best wishes
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