Playing Pickleball with an Ostomy: Seeking Advice


I'm 66 years old and learned to play pickleball about two years ago. I love this sport; then in February I ended up in the hospital with undiagnosed diverticulitis, emergency surgery because of a perforated colon, and an ostomy bag. I'm just starting to do exercises and physical activities (other than walking). Is there anyone else who plays pickleball and has learned how to deal with your ostomy bag?


I don't play pickleball, but if your ostomy bag is uncomfortable during exercise, you might try a wrap. You can get a handy one, but you can also just use a pregnancy wrap to hold the bag more securely.

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Played pickleball years ago and went to the gym.

Yoga pants hold appliances in place but I wear Depends for comfort. It's easy to tuck pouch/bag in.

Unrelated, while looking at old posts yesterday, I came upon a sometimes heated "debate" over whether to use the term bag. One person was quite offended. This was from 2017.

I found it amusing but sad when so many people on this site have more serious, life-threatening issues to deal with.

Have fun with pickleball. It's a fun game.


I've just resumed playing pickleball. I had my surgery one year ago. I started slowly.


I've had an ileostomy since I was 11, I'm 53, and with any sports as long as I have good underwear everything is fine. High-waisted panties with some Lycra keep the bag in place. Make sure it is empty before you go on the court and have a water bottle nearby to stay hydrated.
Good luck and have fun!

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Yes, I just played this morning. Love pickleball. I have had my ileostomy since 1991. It never bothers me when I play...except for when it fills up a bit. We need to play!!!!!!!!!

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