Ostomy Bag Concealment: Tips and Comfort

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I think we're in the minority, TKRain! Seems like so many folks have theirs hang straight down. I did that with my temporary ileo but tried angling it with my permanent one and it fit so snugly that I never changed.


Your output issue is a result of your diet. Yeah, it gets like playdough from pretzels and potatoes. Drink a lot of fluids and hot soup? Output comes splashing out. It's a happy balance. One suggestion: If a certain food causes thickness, eat a cup of yogurt with it. Should get it to normal. I usually let my bag dangle at home. Try a Stealth Belt. Turn the bag to the right and insert into the zippered pouch. Helps prevent leaks, prolapses, hernias, and wear anything you want.

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I can't seem to reply to the original poster, so I am replying to this comment.

I wear my ostomy bag sideways, with the emptying part on the left, as my ostomy is on my left side. If you have a right side, wear it the opposite way.

I have a stealth type of covering, but because my uniform shirt I have to wear for my job is white, I'm unable to wear it when I'm working.

So I have improvised old underpants, by cutting the crotch out, and wearing it over my bag (mostly to cover the plastic sound and if I have an accident, it helps until I can change). I saw on a YouTube channel that a gal uses tube tops, but trying to find one in white is almost impossible, so I also cut up a pair of spandex pants and used the wider part for one too.

The only time I've had mine in the down position was in the hospital. It works way better for me to wear it sideways, although sometimes it's kind of a pain to empty, but you get used to it. I've been an ostomate since September 17, 2021, as I had a perforated bowel.


Have had ileostomy 35 years and never had any problems wearing pouches tucked in underwear. I've never even considered letting it "hang loose"! I'm not ashamed of it, my friends know and willing to talk about it to anyone who doesn't know. I guess I consider it part of my personal hygiene so I tuck it. Maybe I'm just lucky with the stoma location (ET measured for placement prior to surgery) so it does allow me to cover it with underwear. It is not in my waistline. I will admit I learned early on not to wear extremely tight garments like control top pantyhose but otherwise it's concealed but with a slight bump because I don't have a flat stomach!! So, unless your stoma is positioned in your normal waistline, tuck it in! I worked in a medical supply store for 26 years and had 100s of ostomy customers. I only encountered one man in all of those years that wore his pouch on the outside hanging below his shirt. One day, he got it caught on a fishing hook and it yanked off creating a mess. From then on he wore it under his clothing!! Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


I wear long tops/tunics with leggings most days with my bag hanging loose, but hidden. The few times I tried tucking my bag into my leggings or shorts, it caused "pancaking" and I had a leak, so leaving it out works best for me. On the rare occasions when I worry my bag may show (if my top is shorter than usual or I'll be lifting my arms bagging groceries, etc.), I wear a cloth cover over my bag. I bought a black "Stoma Cloak" on Amazon and I love it. It takes away all my worries about someone seeing my bag. Even my GI comments that he likes it at my annual appointments when he takes a peek at Stella the Stoma. The covers are also available in pretty colors and there are ones that have witty sayings on them like "**it happens".

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I usually have mine under a dress or loose shorts/pants - sometimes I will have the top of my ileostomy bag sticking out from my waistline with a cropped shirt - people look at me but have never commented. I am sorry they said anything, it's not their business why you don't tuck it in! :)


I don't let my pouch go below my top without a cover (hey, that's my business lol)

But I don't worry about the bulge. I have a pretty big stomal hernia