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I have a lot of gas. I use filtered pouches, but after even one day's use, the filters are not very effective. Can anyone who has used the Osto EZ Vent, share their experience -- how easy to use?, effectiveness?, is it covered by Medicare? 


I was considering trying the Osto EZ vent.  But decided it's easier to burp the bag (I use a 2 piece Hollister).

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Burp the bag? 


Yes, I burp the bag several times a day......just thought the vent would be easier than opening up the bottom of the ag. Thanks!

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Yes - I use a one-piece pouch, so for me to 'burp the bag" I have to open the bottom to let gas out. With a two-piece system, you can more easily burp it, kinda like you might burp Tupperware. 

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Burp the bag……open your bag and let the air out. 


I am guessing any means for air to escape would cause some smelly air - even deodorants are not always efficient atcovering up b. o.  

I use convatec products thru Med180 - includes: 


Medicare covers most of the expense and I pay on average $26 each month depending on amounts needed of each product.  I keep a small stockpile in case of any emergency such as delivery problems due to hurricanes blah blah blah


I've had a few memorable bag burps at home.

Thought my wife was upstairs, burped the beast.... Discovered wife was in the kitchen.  Response was immediate and pointed:  "It that YOU?"  My wife yelled out as she ran upstairs.  Didn't see her for quite awhile.  Actually got to watch TV in peace.  So, burping... not all bad.


G-Day Pattandwinnie55,  The only problem with these vents is it can only be used once so you will need one for every time you change your bag. It sticks to the bag so well you can't get it off again so you will have to order a lot of vents. Just burp it. Regards IGGIE


I use them to burp and I have an injector that fits perfectively I inject water into my bag when contents are real thick this loosens it up and helps it flow out easier unfortunately I have more issues then just the colostomy so what ever keeps things working. 


I was told by our supplier/provider that medicare and commercial insurance companies do not cover the EZ vent.  I had been burping the bag several times a day.  For me it was a pain.  My husband researched and found the EZ vents on amazon for half the cost of our supplier.  We ordered a pack of ten. For me it was so much more convenient and well worth the money.  My husband is working on a way to reuse the vent at least one more time.  He is a retired engineer and is good at solving issues like that!!


Been using them for a while, find them a lot more convenient especially when you're  outside.

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good point abt the one use.

didnt think much abt that when i used these things. i thought it was worth it since burping the bag could be messy.. and if u have arthritis in fingers, re-snapping the two piece is painful.

the bags i use now seem to have a double liner making  for a bad seal. dont use them any more.

when the bag inflates, i usually drain it same time. while upright open bag .

or unlock the gizmo and rotate bag 180 if no poop present. open drain.

mind you, doing this , yur nose will get the full  pleasure experience of stepping in dog shit. 

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hmm in order to save the vent pop valve gizmo..idk how it could be saved and reused.  since glue is involved.

cleaning the bag out is the only way saving the e-z valve.  

could consider it a win win .

u save on bag expense by reusing it and save $$ on reusing valve with no threat of leaks.

u might wanna invest in a gas mask tho.😋


I use one when I'm out with my walking club. Just so much easier to open the bag to let the gas escape than having to lower my walking trousers and get my bag out and find a discrete wall to do it behind which can be difficult to find out in the middle of the Derbyshire Peak District. 


please see my original reply that my husband was going to try and reuse the vents.  My husband was able to get the vent off the used bag and he has reused the vent on a new bag.  He used a clear plastic glue on one vent to attach to a new bag.  and another vent when he took it off the old bag the adhesive came off with the vent and he attached it to the new bag and it worked fine, stayed on the new bag. 

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