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Since i got my stoma no bigger than a nickel.  Well 17 years ago. I dreamed of having a shop.  I restore old cars on the side. I do everything with out electric tools. So tomorrow going down get my business percent. Going to open kennybobs restoration.  I have had a lot of people tell me to do so. My dad had a shop. But since I been on here I have realized hey don't escape in the woods and hide. You got it deal with it. But all of you have gave me the will power and confidence ,let's do this . It has always been my dream.  I play semi pro poker for a long time also.if I can win three more tournaments  ,I got sponsors for the buy in. The wsop. Things are turning around.  The only thing left now is one of these pretty ladies .ty


That’s right, sitting in a house/apartment hiding just cause you got an ostomy is about the worst place a person can put their mind. Enjoy life, you only got 1. Good luck on the new business. Send some messages and introduce yourself to whichever women intrigue you, ya never know until you try. 

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Believe me had a few dates. But if you seek you will never find.  Let it find you.  But I can't hate  never ask about your past ,never get jeouslos, never question a decision they make. Then always give then a out. Tell then use me like a remote control.  But I'm not going anywhere . Bring a few to see there is a life with a stoma.  One stoma person standing alone don't have much power ,or strength against the ignorant ones . But meetaostamate gang and its founder standing together will never be moved  ,but we make it u understand us,and it. I actually had a guy tell me that he rather die than have one. I said I has a choice . I said if I has breath like yours ,I don't know what I would due.  He thought just because I had one I we was weak. After his buddy helped off the ground . He fell ÷)#_-÷(.


Well done Kenny! go man! :-)


Keep on trying, life’s too short to be called a quitter. 😁

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Great attitude Kenny! Good luck with the ostomy, girls and business!


Love your attitude Kenny best of luck with all your do


I am still struggling 2 years after surgery to try to return to normal.  My favorite thing to do was always to work on my home ( a never ending hobby for me, lol).  I purchased a home in the mountains last year that is in dire need of outdoor work which I love doing.  However, now that a lifting restriction in place I have had to cease and desist.  About 4 months ago I thought, to heck with this and went into the shed to try to reorganize, well, I didn't accomplish anything as the third item I moved, I felt a popping pain in my abdomen and sure enough, I sprouted a parastomal hernia.  Still trying to decide what to do instead??  All suggestions welcomed :-)

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Get help lifting heavy things and go about living the life you want. Anyone letting their stoma dictate their lives or doing what a person wants is just depriving themselves of enjoyment, and life is too short to do that. 


Good Luck with the business - You never know what you can do till you try.

Also try not to become bogged down too much with what other folk think - their thoughts are their problem - You just concentrate on being the best you can be - and fun will come ...

Cars can be such a freedom thing and a great inspiration for their owners AND passengers - get out in your motor, as well as working on other's vehicles!

Have fun - and those you help will be ever grateful - classic vehicles need people with heart like you ... and there is that personal satisfaction of ensuring the cars continue to be enjoyed on the road!

Good luck

Best Wishes


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