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I was wondering if anyone else has trouble with low magnesium. I had an emergency ileostomy 7 weeks ago. I take imodium daily to combat too much output, which is mostly liquid. I am getting weekly IV fluids to help with dehydration. For the 3rd week in a row my magnesium was low. I am not very adventurous with my food choices yet since the surgery is so recent. Has anyone else experienced this? Any easy digestible food recommendations?

I should add that in August I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (from chemo I assume but my doctor denies) so I am also supposed to be on a low sodium diet. No gatorade or pedialyte. 

I've learned so much from this forum in just the couple weeks since I've joined. I appreciate everyone sharing! And thanks in advance for any advice. 


hi.. mag is a very important vital mineral .  assuming you are having complete blood and vitamin labs is mag the only one affected? 

zinc calcium and the B vitamins must be checked too.

i had all that done. good to know where those numbers are.

being dehydrated will mess yur level up badly.


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Magnesium  is so important  in your diet.  I am surprised  that your Dr.  hasn't  prescribed  any. You can get OTC.  Magnesium. I get the gummies. Google foods that contain Mag. and you will see foods you can eat.

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gummies are always a good choice. just chew chew chew them.

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Absolutely  along with any food you take in.

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I’ve had an ileostomy for 43 years (I’m 54). Recently, my naturopath suggested a magnesium balm (by Remedium).  It moisturizers and delivers magnesium transdermally. 

You can also get magnesium supplements at the drug store if your diet isn’t giving you enough.  

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