Traveling to Mexico with a ileostomy.


Is there anyone who has traveled to Mexico with a ileostomy?  Where I'm going is still hot in February.  How should I prepare for their type of restrooms?   I am 79 and traveling alone;  should I not go? 


Pretty sure you’ll be ok, enjoy. Are you going to a civilized part of Mexico or like off the grid type areas?

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I have traveled a few times to Mexico after having my ileostomy. Most recently in November of 2022 for a dive trip in the Sea of Cortez. I stayed in La Paz for a few days and also in San Jose Del Cabo with a day trip to San Lucas. The only thing I would say about the toilets is that all except the resort I stayed in requested that you NOT FLUSH TOILET PAPER. So that habit of dropping TP into the toilet will have to be thought through. That having been said, if you accidentally forget, you aren't going to clog the whole system. But do be mindful of it. 

I hope you enjoy yourself. I love that at 79 you are traveling! Most people are lovely. 



Hi Tomozo

Following my ileostomy surgery, I took a 6 month sabatical to go travelling, my first stop was Peurto Valarta, Mexico, where I was scheduled to spend two weeks. I liked Mexico so much, that I stayed for the whole six months and enrolled in Spanish school. I travelled back in 2017, for two weeks, when I had a great relaxing, stress free and sociable time.

I don't recall any stoma or bathroom related problems, however I was sick after eating pork, otherwise I found Mexican cuisine very agreeable.

Have a good trip!




Public washrooms can be hit or miss. Your hotel should be fine. Take extra supplies, they maybe hard to find. We are going to Puerto Vallarta soon, we like it a lot. Tells us more about what you are planning and a trip report when you are done.

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If I’m pooping in a toilet, the toilet paper is going there too. Are they gonna dig it out, do dna testing , and prove it’s mine? 👀😬

Morning glory

Only been there  on by way of cruise. Have fun.

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No it's the safest place in Mexico, it's called Merida.  I was more worried about being old, the heat, and not speaking Spanish. 

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You’re from Tennessee, the heat shouldn’t be an issue. If it’s a touristy place, most will speak English too. Your age, that’s up to you and how you feel. Go enjoy yourself, you only live once. 

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Go..... knock yourself out !!! make sure you have an emergency contact ....that would be my only concern besides your age the Heat and not speaking Spanish...

I really don't think those last three are an issue... you should be fine..

Wait? Mexico has a safe place?🤗🤫


I gather by your name, you are Hispanic?  That is a plus & gets you around.  Many areas in Mexico are gang plagued.  Check the US State Dept list.  Yucatan is the safest place in Mexico.  79, Osteomate & heat sensative?  A travel partner is a good idea.  I bring 2 sets of stoma gear.  One in carry one & one checked in.  Airlines have lost my luggage before, overseas.


Hola Tomoszo

I have been traveling to Sayulita for about 15 years.  It’s around an hour north of Puerto Vallarta.  The last two visits I have had my ileostomy.  When I fly, I have a “medical bag” that is tagged and kept in the cabin as a carry on for no extra cost.  Airlines are well aware.  I don’t take twice as much as I need, I take three times.   I highly recommend the book Yes We Can! Advice on Traveling With an Ostomy and Tips for Everyday Living by Barbara Kupfer, Kathy Foley-Boch, Michelle Fallon Kasouf (all have had ostomy surgery) and W. Brian Sweeney,MD.  I found the information invaluable, well researched and documented.  Good luck! Que le vaya bien!