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Hi there i am from the uk i have a urostomy and want to make friends with other people who have stomas.


Hi whitinge hope u are ok and are finding lots of ppl here for support and friendship x

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Hey, hi and welcome. This is a great group of supportive people. Hope you find yourself with lots of kind words here too.


Morning glory

You have come to the right place for support and friendship. Welcome to the site. Reach out and join in.


Hello.  Welcome our little place on the world wide web.  Everyone here has, or had, an ostomy.  You'll find great advice, friendly Ostemates, humor, and tough resilient people who give meaning to the word: survivor.

Take care

Living with Your Ostomy | Hollister

Hi whitinge73,

  Welcome to stomaland!  There's always room for one more!



Welcome to the group of great people, supportive and helpful and most of all friendly.


Hello there!!!

Female, late forties and Urostomy as well, so it's already 2 of us ;-P

there's plenty more!


Welcome to the site 😁 xx 

ron in mich

Hi Whitinge welcome to the site, i,ve been an ostomate for 30 some years. 

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