New England? Looking to get back in the water

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Any other mates from New England area?  Six months out of surgery. still figuring things out.  Trying to return to all activities--- at about the 85% mark.  Looking forward returning to snorkeling and diving as spring comes around.  Any suggestions?


Welcome 'Little Fish' ...


A Place called 'Mystic' - How wonderful-a-sounding name!


BW for the 15% - keep going!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ waves from the Hills of Middle Wales - 1000feet above sea level ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tomorrow - I am driving to the coast ....

and will, as ever, walk the shore line, drive the cliffs and sands ....


Snorkelling in warm waters - sounds lovely .....

Pembrokeshire Coastline , not so warm - but warmer than the Hills of Mid Wales!



Keep up the good work .....

Think I would want a dry suit rather than a wet suit - but guess there are ways round the pouch and skinny fit W-Suit?


I guess I am happy above water - on the water and alongside - but also love to see the tropical life within warm waters!



..... Just looked up :

"The name "Mystic" is derived from the Pequot term "missi-tuk" describing a large river whose waters are driven into waves by tides or wind

..... and you have the largest Maritime Museum in the States?


I have a cottage in a little seaside town with an alternative name of 'Home of the Little Fishes' *  = Tenby, West Coast of Wales, UK.

Or more accurately in  Welsh:  * Dinbych-y-pysgod, lit. 'fortlet of the fish'

.... our blue flag beaches are lovely!


..... cute, small coastal town  .......  beaches are sandy and extensive - waters explorable ..... v. pretty coastline.



~ ~ ~ UK waves ~ ~ ~



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Morning glory

Welcome to the site. There are many swimmers on here. I used to snorkle, but haven't  done so in a few years. There is a couple of divers here to. Maybe  they will jump on with some advice.

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Hi Jayne , you are right, the "Mystic" river is a tidal river along which the Pequot Indian tribe originally lived. I have run boats out of the river for years.  A lot of maritime and Indian history in the area.  Near been up to your country but might be in UK on business eventually.  How long have you been a ostomate?  For me it has been an adjustment but I just keep up and moving forward.  All good

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Hi MG, thanks for the welcome, snorkeling is what got me to quit smoking 20years ago, maybe saved me from...  What was your best snorkeling experience?  Mine is coast of Honduras.  Want to get back there once I get comfortable traveling again.  Enjoy. 

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Hi Littlefish

Nearly 45 Years!

First Husband was a Master Mariner.

If time allows when in UK - Touch base [Both Pembrokeshire and Radnorshire aare a distance from London - but you may fly in elsewhere ....

Good luck  .....

For me - like you I guess - yes an adjustment but life moves forward and Postive Intention overcomes All!



Morning glory
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Hi, I  enjoyed Mexico.


I have a pool here in Maryland and what I do is change my bag to a closed pouch before diving in. Then afterwards I can change it back

but the closed pouch keeps things more secure for me even in the bathtub 

hope this helps!

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