How Often Should I Change My Ileostomy Pouch?

Jun 08, 2024 4:55 pm

Hi all,

May I ask those of you with ileostomies to let me know how often you change your pouch? I'm new to this world, but it seems to me as if my output is fairly consistent, and some days I can go through two or three. Trying to slow it down with chewable Metamucil gummies. Thanks in advance.

Jun 08, 2024 6:23 pm

Are you using a drainable bag? I can't imagine having to go through multiple bag changes a day. Not only would it get very expensive, it would be hard on your skin. If you're having to actually change your system that often, you may need to try other brands to get a better seal.

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Jun 08, 2024 7:02 pm

Every other day... in the early a.m. when the stoma is still sleeping and I am not!

Mysterious Mose
Jun 08, 2024 7:38 pm

Every 7 to 8 days. If you want to slow down and thicken your output, that can be done with various foods, like potatoes or smashed cauliflower and others. Personally, I take 2 mg of loperamide about 2 hours before bedtime. I empty my bag 5-7 times a day, down from 10-12.


Jun 08, 2024 8:44 pm

I do mine daily just because that's me and I sweat easily. I feel cleaner, etc. I could go 2 days if I wanted to.

Bananas or rice might work better for you. Sometimes fiber or Metamucil is going to give some people diarrhea and some people thick.

I'm telling you, bananas work. We can make our poop runny or thick by what we eat. I'm sure there are certain circumstances that it may not work for some, but it sure beats taking supplements or medications for it.

Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
Jun 08, 2024 8:53 pm

I change once a week. I cannot imagine why you would need to change multiple times a day unless, as Alex says, you are using a closed pouch. I empty 7-10 times a day.


Jun 08, 2024 9:56 pm

G-Day Hanging in, I change my Hollister two-piece every Monday and every Friday. It's what works for you. Regards, IGGIE

Morning glory
Jun 08, 2024 10:33 pm

I change every three to four days. I am very high output.

Jun 09, 2024 1:32 am
Reply to Hisbiscus

I appreciate the banana tip, thanks!

Jun 09, 2024 1:33 am
Reply to TerryLT

I do have a trainable - using the Hollister Lock and Roll -

I find the plastic gets weak and dirty!

Jun 09, 2024 12:14 pm

First, welcome to the community. Second, by pouch, do you mean just the bag, replacing it alone? Because it fills? I know you said you have a drainable pouch, so replacing the bag makes no sense due to it being drainable. Third, your setup, or a better-suited word, appliance, should be changed when there is a breach, leak, or smell.

I can go 4-5 days. It depends on activity. Sometimes it's a 1-day replacement, other times 4-5 days.

I do know not to let it go more than 7 days, but your activity will greatly influence appliance changes.

Good luck. It becomes a natural instinct over time. An adjustment.

Jun 09, 2024 12:17 pm
Reply to Hisbiscus

I have a colostomy, but my output is very watery. I knew I had a transverse colostomy, so I asked my surgeon why my output was so watery because the colostomy was nearer the ascending colon. Did I have an adhesion that caused a partial blockage? Was I just constantly susceptible to diarrhea? He said none of the above 😳. The reason was that a third of my colon had been removed, and therefore the colon was not removing as much liquid.

The thing that thickens my output is bananas. Applesauce and marshmallows provide some thickening, but not to the extent of the bananas.

Jun 09, 2024 12:33 pm

Hello, I replace my whole 2-piece every 7 days. Sometimes it's earlier (5 days) if I do a lot of sweaty work outside.

I use Coloplast Sensura Mio base 10561 and pouch 12272.

Jun 09, 2024 12:44 pm
Reply to Paulwd

Do you use a barrier ring too? I have the same one, called Mio Flip. It has a 5-star base. The starfish design works better with a moldable barrier ring. It works for me.

Jun 09, 2024 12:46 pm
Reply to aTraveler

Gotta love those bananas. I go ape over them, too. (Sorry, had to say it, buddy). Marshmallow addict here. Sadly. 😉☺️

Mysterious Mose
Jun 09, 2024 4:11 pm
Reply to hangingin

There are many ways to keep the tail clean. I keep some flushable wipes next to the toilet to clean any debris that may accumulate. I also flush with water. One of the pluses of a drainable is that you can change only the pouch, should it get too dirty or have some kind of leak. I eat a lot of fruit with seeds. Subsequently, I sometimes encounter little pinholes in the tail that happen when I seal the Velcro shut. In that case, I will pop off the pouch and put on a clean one. I will use water to swish around the flange before removal to help avoid getting stool on the flange seal.

Jun 10, 2024 11:30 am
Reply to warrior

No barrier ring. Seems to be fine. I do have to offset the cut hole in the base. My stoma is a little too close to my belly button, so I have to shift it 1/4 inch away.

Jun 10, 2024 1:51 pm

Do you wear a barrier ring? It was a game changer for me.

Jun 11, 2024 5:19 pm
Reply to hangingin


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I added these from a site online. Watch your sugar intake even in sports drinks. Get the zero sugar or G2. Soda pop is going to make you go more from the sugars and caffeine.

You don't have to change the bag every time you poop either. As long as the seal around your stoma is good, you can wipe the end and the inside of the bag with a water wipe or baby wipe and throw it in the garbage.

On the lock and roll, I do believe you can turn the very end backwards and it velcros or locks on the back end so the output doesn't get in that part. These bags are going to look dirty inside but as long as the seal is good, you're okay.

Jun 11, 2024 5:41 pm
Reply to Mysterious Mose

@Daniel... Yup, gotta love the swish. 😄 Kinda makes you feel cleaner after the empty. I make it a routine.

Jun 11, 2024 5:47 pm
Reply to warrior

I agree! Have an empty water bottle with wipes and M9 on the back of the toilet. I could never go without rinsing.

Jun 12, 2024 12:16 am

I change mine every 3 days because that is what my ostomy nurse taught me. It seems like by day 3 the bag just needs to go and the wafer and ring are starting to get to where they could leak if I didn't change it. I always look at the ring when I take the wafer off to see if it were going to leak where it was going to. Then I try to make adjustments to my new wafer and ring to prevent it from happening in the future. But yeah, every 3 days is what works for me.


Jun 23, 2024 9:53 pm

In the early days, I was having to change more often, every few days, but as we got into a routine and learned some tips and tricks here, it was about every 4 days. There were probably a few times I could have gone 5, but I was just not comfortable taking the chance.