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Ostomy vs ileostomy

what is the difference between an ostomy and an iliostomy--I feel so stupid for asking. I am four months post op. I had my colon removed and I am new on your link.
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hi, i 've had my colon removed. mine is called an ileostomy.....i could be wrong but i think most of the non-bladder surgeries are referred to as "ostomy". but then again, i'm new here and trying to learn the lingo.  : )

An ileostomy is a stoma that has been constructed by bringing the end or loop of small intestine (the ileum) out onto the surface of the skin.

A colostomy is a surgical procedure that involves connecting a part of the colon onto the anterior abdominal wall, leaving the patient with an opening on the abdomen called a stoma. In a colostomy, the stoma is formed from the end of the large intestine, which is drawn out through the incision and sutured to the skin. After a colostomy, feces leave the patient's body through the abdomen. A colostomy may be permanent or temporary
that help any??
It' difficult to beleive that your surgeon did not fully explain what was happening to you.
Your large bowel ( colon ) is a store which contains the waste from your food, and basically removes the water from this. We store this waste until we are ready to expel it ( go to the toilet). A colostomy is when part of this colon ( which is about 8' long ) is removed, and the colon is brought out on to the stomach wall & forms a Stoma. It all depends on how much bowel is removed as to how the output is controlled. It can be released into the bag almost as solid as a normal stool.
An Ileostomy is when the whole of the large bowel is removed and the end of the small bowel ( Ileum ) becomes the stoma.
The output from this is normally fairly liquid, but can also operate at any time, constantly 24/7 & there is no element of control.
This is my (non medical )understanding. I am an Ileostomist of some 35 years standing ( although often lying down ! )
reg, explained it great!!  I am a nurse who has an ileostomy couldn't have said it better, altho all of us are frequently referred to as "ostomy patients"
Actually Reg you can have an ileostomy without having your large intestine removed as I have. My large intestine is still intact but dropped after I had a change from a loop to a complete ileostomy.
Urostomy---Bladder removed & Stoma fabricated from part of small intestine for urine drainage from kidneys into bag.

Stoma--From the Ancient Greek word for Mouth or Opening!!
Yes what you have explained is correct, i have been informed so much from my surgeon as to what was going to happen to me, but we didnt know if i was going to have a Colostomy or an Iliosotomy, and until i had my operation and came out and he came in the next day and explained what happened, it turned out that i now have an Iliostomy, as the cancer was to far gone, so they have removed the entire large bowel. The Stoma is working 24/7 sometimes i know when its happening, but most of the time i dont even know until it's to heavy, the stool is sometimes watery (depending on what i eat) but most of the time its think (as my stoma nurse would day it's thick like thoothpaste) I am going to be having the rectum removed hopefully this year so therefore mine is perminant. Hope this helps..
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