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Has anyone come up with any ideas of using natural products, if you have run out of the adhesive remover? I had to change my bag the other day while I was out, and didn't have any adhesive remover with me, and consequently had to gradually pull the pouch away from my skin and it was so painful, and made my skin bleed....


Hi Ambies,
I am sorry you had such a hard time removing the adhesive from your skin. I carry a small bottle of a 3/4 solution of water and 1/4 vinegar. It seems to work well for me. At home, I've thought about making a small jar of baking soda and peroxide paste to see if that works.
Try it at home and see if it works for you. If it does, maybe you could keep some in your purse.
Best wishes,


Hi Ambies. Wow! Your pouch must be attached with Crazy Glue, a powerful adhesive commonly used here in the states to permanently bond wood and metal. I have never used any adhesive remover on my flange which, incidentally, stays firmly attached for 5-6 days. You may want to consider a less harmful product. Anyway, I was taught never to pull the pouch away from the skin. Rather, while holding the edge of the flange, I push the skin inward, away from the device, a little bit at a time. This process is patently less traumatic on the skin. Good luck! PB

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Have you used mineral oil? I am not sure if you can use it for what you need it for, but I was using it after I had surgery to remove bandage tape on my abs. Maybe ask your doctor if mineral oil is safe.


Good question, ambies. I've been wondering myself if there was something else we could use. Doctors in the UK are telling us we can't have adhesive remover on prescription. Adhesive remover isn't harmful to your skin, it's the complete opposite. Some even have moisturizer in them.

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Mrs. A,

OUCH! You must go through the ceiling when you apply a 25% solution of vinegar to your skin, especially when your skin is excoriated, which often is the case when pulling off the wafer. Your tolerance to pain must be high. But, I am glad it works for you.



Hi all, thank you for your replies. I don't go anywhere normally without adhesive remover, so it's not normally a problem, but as I had to change in a public toilet because of a leak, I realized that I didn't have any with me.

PB, I use Dansac appliance. It just has a pretty good adherence on the adhesive side, so showering or bathing, it tends to stick very well, so I always use the remover. The thought of using something natural made a good question to ask, as I have never asked on a blog before.

Mrs. A, thank you for your feedback. It sounds like it could work, but I would be careful too on any broken skin. The mineral oil sounds like a good idea too. That one I may try as a fallback if and when I may run out. Take care and thank you, ambies...


I use witch hazel for skin care. It also seems to remove adhesive when applied. And might qualify for "a natural".


Thank you Sinful Sounds, a good one to try and it certainly comes as a natural. If it works for you, then I'm sure it will be fine for me. Take care, Ambies.


Do let me know what you think...

I like how the witch hazel moisturizes without residue.


I use something like cocoa butter. It takes it off just like mineral oil but it's less greasy for me. I can use a baby wipe after to remove residue, then a paper towel and water to be sure everything is off. Also, when taking my bag off, I use a wet paper towel and go along as I pull my skin back slowly. I am hairy so it helps haha. Most times I can use nothing but a paper towel and water to clean all though.


Hi Lineblack, your idea also sounds interesting too and I will certainly try it. Also, Sinful, I will let you know how I get on.

Thank you all for your feedback so far. They have all been interesting. all ambies...


Witchhazel is wonderful and it is a natural product (I think from the yew tree). I use it to reduce skin irritation and itch. Also, it's very cheap if you buy it someplace like Target or Wal-Mart (I've found other drug stores to be outrageous in pricing).

Strong adhesives are no joke. I don't like the adhesive on Convatec wafers because they are so difficult to remove.


Hi Pinky, thank you for taking time out to answer my question. I certainly think I'm going to be trying most of these naturals, and witch hazel is one of them. It seems it's been around for some time, just goes to show the simplest things turn out the best. Take care, Ambies.

Hello Panther,
I still get adhesive remover and skin barrier spray with my prescription in the UK!  However, I had the feeling that these were being supplied as complimentary items along with wet and dry wipes and disposal bags. They not being charged to the surgery. Perhaps you should make enquiries with your supplier.  I use Charter Healthcare if that helps.
Hello Ambies,
I found that my skin was getting very sore slowly pulling the flange off with remover spay even though I was using barrier spray.  One day I got a bit impatient (as I do sometimes) and ripped it off quickly without the remover spray. Amazingly this hurt a little but did not make me sore. It worked much better for me so I've been doing it ever since.  I still use the remover spray for getting rid of the annoying residue of glue that stays in a ring around the ostomy. I've come to the conclusion that it's best to keep experimenting to see what works best.  That's the beauty of this site where people share their experiences and their experimentations.  
Best wishes  

I have used nail polish remover, but it's not natural and I wouldn't recommend it on a regular basis. I have just used it when I needed something immediately and didn't have anything else.

I have had times that adhesive remover wasn't approved, however, when I filed a complaint and letter to state why I needed it, I was able to get it approved.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Bill and Redondo for your feedback. It's been amazing receiving different kinds of ideas. I appreciate the help of this site. Ty Ambies.


Hi Bill,
I use Appeel. It's only available on prescription. I'm not sure about any other makes. In the last copy of the IA Journal, there was a stoma nurse saying we shouldn't use adhesive remover because of how much it's costing the NHS, and some doctors have been telling patients they don't need to use as many ostomy bags. I'm thinking of changing supplier (I've been having problems with mine recently), so I will look into Charter. Thank you.


Hi Panther,
I use Appeel wipes too. So what do the stoma nurses say about what we are to remove the plaster with?
It makes me mad at the thought of doctors telling their patients that they don't need to use so many bags.
Next minute, we will be told to put them in the washing machine and hang them on the line to dry.
In what way are you having trouble with your supplier?


Uhhh, how about vodka? It's natural. Tastes good too!


My skin stays in good shape by using Adapt Barrier Wipe before putting on the flange. I remove, as has been mentioned often on the forum, by gently pushing the skin away from the flange. I shower afterward, gently rubbing away the glue residue from the flange and barrier ring area around the stoma while I shower.
It would be difficult to have to change the flange in a public restroom. I would probably do a quick job of it, then redo it at home if possible.


I asked the doctor who did my surgery and he said "nail polish remover with acetone"! I know how much that burns when you have a cut on your finger. I can't imagine using it when you have raw skin. He also said 50:50 vinegar and water. Somewhere in my medical records it must say "I like pain". I've had dentists try to pull teeth without Novocain and I always get the broken morphine pump.


Casey George, you must look like someone who likes pain.


I'm a 53-year-old white woman with no tattoos and only my ears are pierced. I don't have noticeable scars except for that one large one on my belly. And I don't show that one to many people.


Sounds like I'd mistake you for someone who likes pain...


Like the vodka one lol. Thank you, Ambies x.

Hello Ambies.
Since I first read this post I've been trying different things (just for experimentation!)
I found that fresh aloe vera removed the flange and the glue but it is a bit messy compared to a remover spray.  However, it does leave the skin feeling good.  I used a dry-wipe to remove it as toilet tissue seems to disintegrate.

TIP: do not - I repeat - DO NOT do as I did and rub the aloe vera in straight from the leaf of the plant.  The leaf has a sharp edge (which I hadn't noticed when using it this way before on normal skin)  This sharp edge  managed to 'nick' a small hole in my protruding stoma and it is taking a long time to heal.  This is one of the hazards of experimentation and learning from experience so Hopefully you can learn from my experience and avoid this sort of accident.

NB: I always keep an Aloe vera plant in the house as it is fantastic for things like burns, scalds as it seems to prevent the blisters from forming.  
Best wishes  Bill


Ty Bill sounds like a really good idea, but like you say, you have to be very careful. I'm loving all the ideas of these natural products and I'm trying all of them. I'm writing down about each one and will post results.... Thank you once again for your ambies


I've had an ostomy since 1986 and never really felt the need for either adhesive remover or skin prep. I have tried both and not found a significant difference in length of adhesion time. It is correct procedure to pull skin away from wafer, not wafer from skin. I am blessed with good skin, so maybe that makes a difference. I did discover, after raising my granddaughter, that diaper wipes are very soft and leave no residue. I also do not have to throw out as many washcloths.

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