Need advice on odor control with ostomy - feeling desperate!


I am feeling desperate. I teach and I do my best not to use the bathroom and stink up the school. But of course, I can only go so long. I fear going to friend's houses. I have tried Hollister M9 and find it does nothing. Has anyone figured this out? Although I have had my ostomy for 18 months, I am still trying to figure things out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have installed a high-power fan at home so that works.


I use mouthwash, if I remember, just put some in your bag, take a small bottle with you in your emergency kit. Others have suggested TicTac's.

I'm sure I have read several suggestions on this site.

I look at it the other way, I will always have the bathroom to myself.

You could also avail yourself of air freshener.

Good luck,


There are some tablets that you can chew that reduce odor. I can't recall the name of them, but you might try Google. Also, you can drink cranberry juice which is supposed to have a similar effect on odor. Others may have more suggestions. Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.

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I have used Hollister M9 too, but BBraun deodorant works better for me: (I put the content of 1 or 2 sockets inside the bag).

I also bring with me a small format spray deodorant as an air freshener. But the most important thing is to eat butter, oil, or parsley to lower or reduce the odor.

Hope it helps you.

I have used Hollister M9 too, but BBraun deodorant works better for me: (I put the content of 1 or 2 sachets inside the bag).

I also bring with me a small format spray deodorant as air freshener. But the most important thing is eating butter, oil, or parsley to lower or reduce the odor.

Hope it helps you.

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There are two forms of deodorant tablets. DEVKO deodorant tablets that you place in your pouch and/or Devrom or Nullo chewable tabs. They work great. I prefer the chewable tabs, as you never have the stink in your pouch to begin with.......also they can be taken anytime you just want to reassure yourself. They taste minty and do cover 90 to 100 percent of the embarrassing odor. You can feel confident when using public bathrooms again. In combination with (OTC) gas pills like GasX, you're good to go in any situation. Hope this helps......

BEG :)

Hi, BIG. Long time no see. I use peppermint oil, just a few drops in the pouch, no problems. Hope you're well, BIG. I'm okay, just had a few health problems but I'm fine. Take care. xxx

I have been a faithful M9 user for three years. If I were to use it as directed, I too would find that it doesn't work. I squeeze a good shot into the bag and it completely masks the odor. I have found that it even masks the odor if I am out and don't use it for one or two empties; but by the third empty, I need the M9.

What is M9 and where do you get it?

I have some packets that are very marginal. I read in one response that baking soda works.

I have used carpet deodorizer and it worked but not really convenient for traveling. I am headed in the morning to get the peppermint oil - sounds easy to keep handy in the carry bag.

M9 is an ostomy bag deodorant and can be purchased at a medical supply store.

I use PooPourri. It's not a joke.

I find if you eat/drink - pineapple, mango, helps

I use Osto-Fresh, made by Triad. I use more than the twelve drops that they recommend (one good squeeze), and that works very well unless I have eaten something like garlic or onions. There is also a product called "One Drop" which comes in a 1oz bottle, so it's very convenient to carry. (CVS house brand is "Total Home".) You put one or two drops in the toilet and all odors go away. No kidding. It is really great stuff.


I have used the M9 and peppermint oil. I also keep a small bottle of room spray I buy from Bath and Body Works that works wonders so I don't fear needing to empty places anymore. I use about 10 small drops of the M9 and it seems to work pretty well for me...

When I first had my ostomy in 2002, I used mouthwash, TicTacs, Certs, baby powder. Almost anything that I could get my hands on, I would try. After a while, you may find that you change what you eat without even realizing that you do.

Now, if I remember, I carry with me in my purse the "Just a Drop" that you put a couple drops into the toilet bowl before emptying. To me, it smells just like the stuff you put into your camper toilet. And I also have the tiny air fresheners that you can get at any store. It is a travel size that fits so nicely and discreetly in your hand or front pocket even. It is no bigger than the size of lip balm. Works great!!


Hi all, I use M9, Na'scent, or Safe and Simple in my pouch to lessen the odor. All three work pretty well. I don't like the lubricating deodorants because they don't seem to work for me...actually make matters worse. I am going to try a natural supplement. I used one years ago before the ostomy just to see if it worked. It really did. It was made up of a variety of green herbs. I was surprised. I also completely change my pouch every day or every other and gently clean up the soap, just clear water and a wet paper towel. I have an ileostomy and it functions throughout the day, so the pouch is pretty well used in 24 hours. Hope this helps. I also sprinkle a little baby powder outside the pouch and on my skin. LH

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