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Parastomal Hernia


Hi,I'm once again suffering from a parastomal hernia,biggest problem apart form the discomfort is the bag becomes more noticable :( I've tried various belts but i find them very cumbersome,Anyone any ideas. 

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Hi Hamish. I have been living with a parastomal hernia for the past 5 years without any problem. It's basically a mound or platform for my stoma and is about 5 inches wide and 1 inch high. The good news is that it provides a sturdy and creaseless base for my flange which promotes adherence and minimizes leaks. I use stretchable belts or suspenders and have no discomfort. Sure,  I know suspenders make one look older, so I usually wear a sweat shirt or something over them. Also, Dockers and Haggar have casual pants with flexible waists which are great. Anyway, to your point, the bag will always become more noticable the tighter your clothes fit. Slightly looser pants, especially with pleats, will help. Good luck!



Hey Hamish, I too have a small hernia about 2 inches in diameter and about 1/2 in. high.  I have two problems with it.  First, it’s about 3 in. diagonally above my stoma which means a typical stoma belt might not even constrain it.  Second, knowing it’s there forces me to hold back on my golf swing so I can’t hit it 300 yds. or 250 or, you know.  I explained my situation to the Nu-Hope folks at 1-800-899-5017.  They made a belt that perfectly secures the stoma appliance and constrains the hernia.  I don’t hit it any farther but I worry way less.



Ostomy Secrets has some wonderful (expensive but they last) wraps that are stretchable and the pockets really offer wonderful support especially in sports etc... I love them and others have commented on their comfort and extra security. The men commented they are like the warp you would use if you were cutting wood or other back stressor -- They are soft and I sometimes wear it at night.  Very comfy  when  traveling and they keep you more naturally contoured.


Hello Hamish. I've had this problem from day 1.  After much experimentation I've made a support out of a small piece of plastic skirting 8cmx6cm x1cm with a 35mm hole which exactly fits my stoma. The device is held in place by two elastic straps velcro'd to the outside surface. the two straps were necessary because the shape of my body (and the hernia) required different pressures above and below the stoma to achieve a uniform pressure.   On the inside surface of the device I put double-sided tape so that it does not move whilst I'm wearing it .  I am fortunate that I irrigate and wear plugs so this device simply sticks to the flange of the plug.  However, because I've had problems with the irrigation sleeves coming off  I've made a similar device for that goes inside the sleeve whilst I am irrigating. These devices seem to have worked well for me for years and so far I've not been able to improve on them.  I'm convinced that this type of thing is not a 'one-size-fits-all' but has to be made to fit the indivual and their circumstances.  It took me a while to realise that very small adjustments to top and bottom pressures made significant differences to my comfort and whether the device worked properly to contain the hernia. Also without the double sided sticky tape the device would 'migrate' across the stoma and could be quite painful.  I also use a CUI hernia belt as a coverall because of the type of activities I sometimes indulge in and I don't want to get another hernia elswhere.

Best wishes



Thanks guys,i have a ct scan booked for 3rd Aug to see if a lop has came through.i'm in alot of discomfort at the moment 


Hi I only joined ths site today fom South Africa and have had a colonoscopy now for 8 years , and have been bag free for 7 years after I developed my own "much cheaper" and easier method that has improved my quality of life by 300%.  I have now developed a parastoma Hernia and am seeking any success stories regarding the lapracopic Sugarbaker mesh procedure ?

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