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Partial gastrectomy and an ileostomy


Dear All,

I have a partial gastretomy and an ileostomy for almost a year now. I live in the UK. Recently I have started to throw up a lot. I don't know what best to eat or drink. I wonder does anyone have a similar experience and if so could offer some advice? Thank you very much in advance for your help. 

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I have an illiostomy, I tend to throw up a lot and I can't give you any tips I usually end up having an Ng tube fitted in my stomach through my nose xxx


Thanks Zoe, that's what I'm worried might happen to me too. Although I am not losing weight at present as I am eating high calorie food even though I don't feel like it. I hope you are doing ok at present. 


I can't seem to put weight on and I'm not getting the nutrients I need I'm on complan and forticep shakes, it's all very new to me the ng tubes are not nice but they help x


Hi, Just a suggestion... you may want to try smaller, more frequent meals.  It is actually easier on the GI tract.  Take care and hope things get better.  LH


I would give you stoma nurse a call and make an appointment or call your Consultants secretary to see if they can see you, it's only started recently so needs investigating to find out what's causing it


try protein shakes with loads of carbs :)


I'll try that thank you 


goood :D smoothies and multi vitamin tabs will do hell of alot too!

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