Fungal Infection: Seeking Relief for Itching & Soreness


Hello everyone, the past couple of days (3-4 days to be exact), I started having bad itching and soreness around my stomach. I found out I have a fungal infection. They said that by me being so anemic, this can happen. They have me doing a crusted technique. But the itching, OMG, is horrible. Any added suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Oops, I meant to say around my stoma

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What kind of powder are you using? I had kind of the same thing going on after I tapered off of prednisone at the first of the year. I think I had an allergy to the adhesive on the wafers I was using. My doctor prescribed me Nystatin powder, which helped with the itch and the weepiness of the skin. Since then I haven't used powder of any kind very much.


Sasquatch's reply is very good and right on...

I am very allergic to some of the adhesives which was a problem until that was resolved.

I did find a way of getting the healing of the skin to speed up. I left the stoma open while laying flat in the tub in a few inches of really warm water. I flooded the stoma area with the water and let it evaporate several times for about an hour. It really moved things along - I am very careful to immediately remove a bag if it itches -- that is a guarantee there is a problem that needs to be addressed. I do know that for me I was not cutting the bag opening small enough for awhile as I had reduced in size just enough that the base was getting attacked by acid. I healed and then a specialist had me change to the convex pouch which miraculously was the end of the issue at least for now -- what a relief!!


Ditto on the Nystatin powder or I think it goes by Nustop. Also, a few holistic people in my area take a tablespoon of raw honey every day to be proactive from the inside out......

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Hello, thanks for responding. My stoma nurse switched me to a fungal powder to use for 2 weeks. But I'm still questioning if I'm allergic to the adhesive. I use Hollister 2 piece.


I'm also using the Hollister two-piece, but I've had much better luck with the tapeless wafers. I found it was the border that irritated my skin. I also have the same problem with band-aids sometimes. It was recommended to me to have a skin patch test done, but I didn't bother to once I figured out what works for me.


Hello, thanks for responding. My stoma nurse put me on a fungal powder for 2 weeks and told me to keep changing it every 3rd day. I also use the 2-piece system by Hollister. Thanks so much for the tip.

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Try ConvaTec SureFit 2-piece. They will send a sample and talk to you on the phone.

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