Ostomy Belt: Issues with Clipping and Rolling?


Hey y'all! I would like to ask a question about the ostomy belt. Does anyone have any issues with theirs that clips on to the wafer? My belt on the single layer side always rolls up, becomes deformed, and digs into my side. On the double layer side, it does not happen. Thanks.


What brand are you using? The different brands couple to the bag/wafer differently. I use a Hollister system, my belt connects to tabs on the sides of the flange attached to the bag itself. I don't use a belt very often, but have never had a problem with it. Make sure your belt is not adjusted too tightly, I've heard of over-tightening the belt causing flange coupling issues.

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I use Hollister.


I keep mine fairly loose, but have heard others have had a similar issue.


I use two belts and used to have this problem. Then I made a sleeve for the belts to go inside and this resolved the problem. The belts are obviously not made firm enough to remain stable when they are a single strand. when they are double, or in a sleeve they seem to be okay. also, they get worse as they age! come to think of it - so do I.

Best wishes


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Use a 4" belt that just fits over the wafer.


Yep, no hope for belts. Good for intimacy! Also for support and keeping prolapsed stoma in place!


Yep, no hope for belts. Good for intimacy! Also for support and keeping prolapsed stoma in place!


How old is the belt or how long have you had it on? The older the belt, the more likely it will fold. Also, the longer you wear it, the more likely it will fold. Time for a new one or a clean one.


It's 4 years old. Yes, time for a new one, been a lifesaver!


Where do you get a 4-in-one? Thanks.


Google Nu Hope Belt