Weight loss options for post-surgery with ileostomy?


I have an ileostomy. I originally got it in July of 2017, but after suffering with severe pain and not being able to eat anything for 7 months, it had to be rebuilt in February 2018 due to stricture. Before the first surgery, I weighed about 177. I then lost a great deal of weight and dropped below 158. Most of it came off of my legs and rear end, and my stomach area did not thin out much. After the second surgery, I was able to eat better and gained back over 165. Then I was stable at about 168 until just recently when all of a sudden, I started gaining again. Now I have gone the other direction and am near 179. This is frustrating to me, and I don't understand why I keep gaining. I imagine that having three children, two of which were born by C-section, having a uterine suspension, and then a hysterectomy didn't help the muscles to stay toned or to be able to tone them. Then to have two emergency surgeries with vertical incisions also did not help. I would like to lose some of this extra weight, but I don't know what kind of exercise to do. I don't want to hurt my stomach or my stoma, and due to disc replacement surgery last October, I cannot lift a great deal. Would working with a trainer be better for me? I am 64 and have arthritis in my hands, back, and left leg trochanter area. I do still work four days a week, 20 hours maximum as I retired early and can only earn a limited amount until I turn 68. Eating wise, I can eat most things without issues. I can't eat raw vegetables or Chinese vegetables, and the meat has to be lean and easy to chew. I also can eat salad now but do best with Romaine lettuce and avocados. I stay away from tomatoes but can eat spaghetti sauce and tomato sauce. Okay, so now that I have explained some things, what have you guys with the same issue done to lose weight? Do any of you know if Cool Sculpting can be done on someone who has an ileostomy? What about liposuction? I am asking because I don't think exercise alone can tone up the stomach area due to the cutting of the muscles in both directions from the surgeries. Any information or suggestions will be appreciated.


I maintain my weight by using the Atkins diet. You can Google "Atkins Induction". For exercise, I would just suggest a brisk walk once a day. Good luck.

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The Atkins diet certainly plays to the ostomy to eat protein! It is one of the easiest diets to stick to. Who could not eat bacon every day! Lol all diets take willpower though! I do find that walking three - four miles a day helped me maintain weight all over. Not just a leisure walk but 3 miles in 40 minutes give or take. I would love to walk now but started getting shin splints for some reason so be sure to stretch your muscles before getting out there! I will get back out there and my weight and willpower suffer when I am not walking.



Try Leslie Sansone Walk at Home workouts. She also incorporates weight training. These are easy to do, but very effective. You don't have to kill yourself with these. As far as eating, portion control works best for me, though I have to be careful as far as rich and greasy food since I had my ileostomy reversal. Keeping weight off is a full-time job with no retirement.


Weight loss or gain is strictly diet. You are taking in more calories than you are burning. You have to think about what you drink also. If it has calories, you have to include it in your calorie count. A calorie deficit is required to lose weight.

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As someone else said, you might need to be moving more to burn up the calories, fast walks or exercise that gets you moving at a faster pace. There is another component - mindset/emotional issues that could be contributing. Private message me if you wish.


You're a victim of your own success. Sounds like your gut performance has improved nicely. I just take the steps at work.


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