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New Book Launched

Posted by LadyHope

Hi Everyone,  This has been an exciting week for me.  On July 7th my book launched titled Stanley and Me make three.  We know this journey very well and I promised myself, once my health started to improve, I would write a book to help others walking a similar path. 

In the beginning, it was a small journal which simply evolved.  As time went on and after attending several support groups, I decided that my goal was to give back and to help others faced with this surgery.  As I shared previously on different posts, I felt so alone and isolated while I was sick.  Immediately following surgery, I did not know anyone with an ostomy to confide about my fears of living life with a stoma and a bag.  Once again, I experienced those feelings of isolation and loneliness and I loathed those feelings.  I fought them every single day for approximately two months post surgery.  As my journal began to take shape as a book, I also began to feel better and stronger.   I researched publishers and found a company who was interested in my story and my mission.  This is a story of Hope as Hope is the antidote for fear.  Stanley and Me make three is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the Tate publishing website.  Please let me know what you think.  I really love the cover as it is reflective and inspiring - I helped design it:)   Thanks again friends and fellow ostomates.  Sincerely, LadyHope aka Jayne Prescott

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Heidi92 : Hi LadyHope! I just purchased your book on Amazon. I can't wait to read it! Have a great weekend! Jul 17, 2015
LadyHope : Thank you so much Heidi92. I can't wait for your feedback. It was very exciting for me to write. It is short but sends a message of Hope. Thank you again. Have a nice weekend also. It is supposed to be a hot one here. Take care. LH Jul 17, 2015
WAB : Great cover.........Congratulations...... Jul 18, 2015
LadyHope : Thank you WAB! Jul 18, 2015
mild_mannered_super_hero : congrats on being published. that's something I have always wanted to do, write a book. Jul 18, 2015
LadyHope : Hi MMSH, Thank you for the post. Yes, this has been an exciting experience for me and it is taking off beautifully. What type of book would you like to write? Something similar or an entirely different subject? BTW, do you happen to have the meet an ostomate administration's email address available? WAB suggested that I ask you. If you do, would you please send it to me when you have a moment. I would like to contact them in order to send my book information to our members as a reference piece. Thank you again MMSH. Hope you have a nice afternoon and I will be looking for your book in the future. LH Jul 19, 2015
mild_mannered_super_hero : LH, I don't have the admins address but you might try the contact us button on the main menu page. going to write a novel someday... Jul 19, 2015
LadyHope : Thank you MMSH. I shall. Have a nice evening. LH Jul 19, 2015
Rosiesmom : I have ordered your book from.BN can't wait to read it.Rosiesmom Jul 20, 2015
LadyHope : Thank you so much Rosiesmom! I am very excited about the book. I hope to provide peace to those walking a similar journey. Thank you again. LH Jul 20, 2015
blueonthetyne : hi lady hope, you beat me to it.I start a creative writing course in sept so ill get there in the end, well gonna look today and but it Jul 22, 2015
blueonthetyne : i may even buy it haha Jul 22, 2015
blueonthetyne : that's it, its on its of my gripes is the lack of open free information about this thing in the open world, and that's what creates this taboo thing about folk not wanting to disscuss.ive started photo bombing and group pics that I appear in, at the last minute I slip my waistband up to reveal my bag, nobody notices until they look at the pics, its my way of saying, look its great. i did it yesterday with my walking and climbing group and it got a mixed reaction.keep up the great work Jul 22, 2015
Rosiesmom : Well blueonthetyne, I'll bet you gave them aright gliff! Hey maybe it will attract new members. A sense of humor goes a long way. Rosiesmom Jul 22, 2015
LadyHope : Thank you for a great post. Are the pics posted on line? You are so right...people do not like to talk about gaining an ostomy or the surgery that is involved. But, this medical intervention kept us alive and living life. Having an ostomy is not the scarlet letter but a badge (bag) of courage. It is not perfect, but then again what is in life anyway? Thank you again. LH Jul 22, 2015
Bill : Congratulations on your publication Ladyhope. There are many people who want to write a book and probably should. However, there are comparatively few who manage to follow through on their wishes and get the job done. Well done!!Best wishesBill Jul 22, 2015
LadyHope : Thank you Bill for the kind post. I appreciate it. Hope you have a great day. LH Jul 22, 2015
Rosiesmom : Hi LH Barnes and Noble called the book is in I pick it up today can't wait to read it. Congrats. Again.Rosiesmom Jul 25, 2015
LadyHope : Thank you Rosiesmom! Please let me know what you think. My hope is that it gives the new ostomate and/or one facing surgery hope. Have a nice day. LH Jul 25, 2015
Rosiesmom : Hi L.H I just read about Stanley! Your recounting of how he came to be is wonderful. I wish you and him many many glorious years together, our stories are very similar except Rosie came to me after a cancerous tumor was removed. I can honestly say I have come to lve her and all her wee I am also blessed to have a Michael! Tony has been my rock and cheering section for 48 years. I hope that all those who read your story will see that there is nothing to fear it is akin to having your first child you have to learn their likes and dislikes. Well done LH you told it like it is. Thank you. Rosiesmom Jul 26, 2015
LadyHope : Thank you for the wonderful review. I am so made my day. Yes, Stanley is like the child that I never had (in a way). I have to care for him and make certain everything is doing well. Michael has been wonderful through this entire situation. He was and is my rock. Tony and Michael are very similar. We are blessed. Take care Rosiesmom and I look forward to talking soon. PS - Will you be attending the upcoming conference in St. Louis, MO? Mike and I are... please let me know as it would be nice to meet. Have a great Sunday. The weather here in PA is sunny and hot. I love the summer. LH Jul 26, 2015
Rosiesmom : You ere welcome. No I will not be attending the conference I have other obligations at that time. It would have been great to have met you and some of the other amazing people on this site. God willing perhaps next time. Rosiesmom Jul 26, 2015
Heidi92 : Hi,I read your book and it is very encouraging. We have a lot in common,and my illness was like yours. It was cute the way you compared your butt to Barbie's. You look like Barbie, but you are too modest to admit it. Jul 27, 2015
LadyHope : Thank you very much Heidi for the kind words. I am so glad that you liked the book and found it encouraging. Yes, we have a similar medical background. How are you feeling? Is your reserval scheduled soon? Also, I tried to respond to your private chat but for some reason I was not able. Sometimes I can and sometimes the program will not allow me. Sorry:( The email works. I will send you a response. Thank you again. Hope you have a great evening. Jayne aka LadyHope Jul 27, 2015
LadyHope : Hi Heidi, I tried to send an email to you. For some reason, it won't go through. I was able send emails last week. It may have something to do with membership status, I am not certain. Thank you again for your post and review. I really appreciate it. Hope your day was great. Take care - LH Jul 28, 2015
Heidi92 : Your welcome and I did have a great day! I hauled the teens around all day! We had some back to school shopping to do. Jul 29, 2015
LadyHope : Hi Heidi, How are you doing? Are you all ready for back to school. I can't believe that it is mid August already. Seeing the back to school ads remind me of days gone by. August is my favorite month of the year. Take care. Have a nice week. LH Aug 17, 2015
Heidi92 : Hi lady hope, How are you? My kids started school on August fifth and I miss them already! They just grow up too fast. As for me, I just found out that I have a stricture. So the reversal will be put on hold for now. I will be going in next week for balloon dilation of the area. I am not looking forward to it, but at least it's not surgery. I am trying to remain positive, but it has been hard lately. Hope you have a nice week too. Aug 18, 2015
LadyHope : Hi Heidi, I am so sorry about the stricture. What exactly is it? The balloon dilation sounds like a angioplasty of the intestine. Is the intestine bent somehow bent below the stoma? You are so right...this is not another surgery and it is good that you are keeping as positive as possible. Positive is good. I understand completely. There is a saying...fake it to make it. Sometimes if I fake the smile, the negative passes and I get into a good mood. It sounds strange but it helps me. My work week is pretty good so far. I was away at the Jersey shore last week. The weather was nice and I was able to walk along the shore line in an out of the water. I don't go into the water anymore...not because of my stoma but because of The movie Jaws. The film ruined it for me in 1975....LOL. But I love the beach. Good luck to you and keep me posted. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers Heidi. Take care. LH Aug 18, 2015
LadyHope : Quick add on.....I do go into the water, ankle level only. LOL Aug 18, 2015
Heidi92 : Hi again LadyHope, How are you today? A colon stricture is a narrowing of part of the colon. It can lead to an impaction. The balloon dilation of the colon does seem similar to heart angioplasty,but the balloon is removed after the procedure. Lucky you, going to the beach! I really miss the ocean. The salty air, and sand between my toes. The movie Jaws did not scare me enough to keep me out of the water, but all of the shark attacks in the news lately are scary. Have a great day! Aug 19, 2015
Heidi92 : Quick add on... LOL the balloon is removed in both procedures, but a stent is not placed in the colon or at least that I am aware of. I am not that familiar with colon dilation ,but i will be soon.:( Aug 19, 2015
LadyHope : Hi Friends, I wanted to update you on my publishing journey. I have another book signing today in West Chester, PA at the historic West Chester Public Library from 2-4 pm. I am very excited about the event and have been preparing for last few days. Thankfully, today is just beautiful in PA, sunny and perfect for mid October. Ironically, four years ago today I had my first of many hospital admissions for UC and my first of many blood transfusions because of my severe bleeding. Five months later, I was in the hospital for ostomy surgery in order to save my life. I am very grateful for the second chance and really hope that my little book helps others traveling a similar path. If you are in the area today, please stop by and say hello. Take care everyone....Ostomy United! We are Resilient:) Have a nice weekend. Sincerely, LadyHope aka Jayne Oct 15, 2016
Bill : Hello LadyHope.
Book signings are a great opportunity to meet people so hopefully plenty will turn up and you will sell lots of books.
Best wishes
Oct 15, 2016
LadyHope : Thanks Bill! It was an awesome day yesterday. I did have a good flow of people all afternoon, all very much interested. It is always good to share and educate those who do not have an ostomy. We are Resilient! Ironically, October 15 2012 was my first of many hospital admissions and blood transfusions because of UC. Shortly after, (5 months) I had surgery. I felt that yesterday was a new chapter and it made me feel good. Thank you again Bill for your kind post. Hope you have a great day and a terrific week. Take care. LadyHope/Jayne Oct 16, 2016
Primeboy : Hi Jayne,
Congratulations! Good luck with your promotion. Come across the Ben Franklin to Cherry Hill for another signing and I will be there.
Oct 17, 2016
Bill : Hello Jayne. I'm so pleased that everything went well for you on the day as these things can be a bit hit and miss at times.
Best wishes
Oct 17, 2016
LadyHope : Hi PB, Thank you very much for the post. Hope you are doing well. If the publishing company schedules something in Cherry Hill, I will certainly let you know. Thank you again. Hope you have a nice Monday! LH/Jayne Oct 17, 2016
Angelicamarie : Congratualtions LadyHope on your book, god bless you!!! Angelicamarie May 29, 2017
LadyHope : Thank you Angelicamarie! I can't believe it has been two years since it was published. It was may first attempt at a book and although slim publication, I am proud of it. On to the next one:) Hope you are doing well and enjoying the Spring. I would like a bit warmer weather though.... it was been rainy and chilly here for the past week....and it is the end of May. Have a terrific weekend. Talk to you soon. Sincerely, LH May 30, 2017
Angelicamarie : I'm really proud of you Ladyhope that's
A great accomplishment!!? God bless angel
May 30, 2017

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