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Posted by Bill


As anniversaries I fear
roll regularly round each year,
they tend to make me pause awhile
to ponder if they are worthwhile.

Are they for me to celebrate,
or are they there for me to hate?
For they are just another way
to contemplate that single day.

Personally, I can’t conceive
why many people might perceive
some days to commemorate
yet other’s they may underrate.

Surely, as with every week,
every single day’s unique.
So, if no day is big or small
then, we should celebrate them all.

I cannot see the point, to wait
for one whole year to celebrate
the things that may make us feel great
and things we may appreciate.

We should not have to wait a year
to say or do, or think, or hear
all those things that are right there
as opportunities to care.

We might not live that long to show
our loved ones what they ought to know
each and every day we share
that precious time to love and care.

Each day should be a brand-new start,
where each of us could play our part
to improve the things we’ve got
and make the most of our own lot.

B. Withers 2021

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Jul 17, 2021
Angelicamarie : True That Bill, everyday one is alive and healthy is something to celebrate.
Jul 17, 2021
Turtle20 : So true and well said, Bill! Thanks for the reminder
Jul 17, 2021
delgrl525 : Lovely sentiment Bill. So true and something we should all be more aware of.

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