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Touching Bliss ....

Posted by magoo

Heading back from Reno and Ms K calls ....on the phone this time ...speaking would be required belly muscles scrunched with nervous tension. I'm not embarrassed to say that I was a bit of a nervous wreck as the inevitable meeting the Flesh ...loomed. 

"So when do we meet ??"...says she to me ....

"...and where ??" she says with a verbal grin . I could visualize the little grin on her face because it probably mirrored my own facial expression at that moment. That nervous little grin we get ....a throwback to our Simian past , a mixture of fear and anticipation . 

I was silent ...not knowing what to say or when a face to face meeting should take place, would I be ready , would I ever be ready if I did not simply jump in . I live in Ireland so the Ocean water is Very cold . Standing on the rocks and looking at the lovely , clean blue water splashing around me is quite comfy and I could stand there looking at it all day...if the sun shines !! The only way to get into this blue water is to just simply Jump In !! 

Stop thinking about it I told myself...Then she spoke again . 

"How about tomorrow when you get back about a movie and lunch ??  What kind of food ?? Sushi ?? What movie ?  Atomic Blonde ?..... "

This poured ot of Ms K like a stream of consciousness and I just kept repeating...


I was still in the car on the way home . We were roaring down through Donner Pass in the bright hot sunshine, entering California from Nevada  , the Hot Rod Charger on the trailer behind us looking like a dangerous Tailgater directly behind my head ...Looming and filling my view every time I turned my head . 

The Charger behind and Ms K ahead ...there was no escape now from my anxiety . 

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xnine : I am excited for you. Keep the story rolling. Dec 29, 2017
Angelicamarie : Sounds good magoo!! Dec 29, 2017
magoo : I just have to declare .....I Love you Ladies . You only understand what you've been missing when you have found it again. Dec 29, 2017
Bill : I just love the description of anticipating anxiety. So often it is this anxiety that ruins things for people when they cannot find ways to control it.
Best wishes
Dec 30, 2017
magoo : Thanks Bill...Sometimes the anxiety is the best part Bill !! The thrill of a new adventure , meeting a new person for the first time. No matter how many texts or phone calls ...we still don't know how the face to face meeting will go. Dec 30, 2017
fishnet 123 : Just read this now Mr Magoo. Love how you write. It would be better spoken with your accent. Not to be nosy but how'd your date go? Anxiety gone and wondering why you had it? Bin there dun that. Could you put a picture of the Charger. It'd be great to see. Mar 02, 2018

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