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To Behave

Posted by Lone Wolf

For one to stop being a moanie person :)

2nd. Not allow others I know to personally annoy me with their words of wisdom about life. That can be very annoying indeed :\

3rd. Tell those that don't annoy me that I appreciate them very much for not doing so :p

Sorry I am messing around with that above :)

My main goal is to progress with my life with meeting more people who just get it about being different. Like with this Crohn's and it's outcome.

Oh and exercising as I do each day which does focus my mind away from depression about this surgical violation. I am pretty much focused on body building with the help of a friend who acts as a guide so I do not totally screw up my mid section :O

Just staying connected to the moment, while getting things done in life :)

Oh yeah, listen to my inner feelings, that sounds odd I know. But for to long I ignored how I felt and that lead to feeling depressed. Paying attention for me helps counter that now.

That's it I suppose for now :)

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