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Ileostomy Reversal Finally Done

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:54 am
Hi folks,
I was a newbie to the site last year when I underwent an emergency Ileostomy and the doctors were surprised that I had no prior symptoms or illness other than the ones I presented them with on the day.   I havent been too good this last few months so havent been online much.

I spent nearly two months in hospital from July 1st last year, I felt abandoned by my gp and dietician and gradually over the months I lost two stone in weight and by the end of it I couldnt stand the taste of food as it was like cardboard!  

In January this year, I visited my gp and told them that for months I have become more and more light headed and breathless, their comment - what do you want me to do'?  That afternoon I struggled to walk back to my car let alone along my street once parked and by the time the weekend came I collapsed in my home and spent ten minutes on the floor crying.

My partner - who has been so distant up to this point - phoned the emergency doctor service and I ended up back in hospital... I was dehydrated, had low blood pressure (which was since my last op), was underweight and was so tired and lacking energy I couldnt even look after myself.  They fed me up and I managed to speak to my consultant to relay the fears I had regarding my ileostomy reversal not being done to my being so ill.  He reassured me that he would not only do the reversal the following week but he had also found I had gall stones (again no symptoms) so it would be a double operation.

In some ways I miss the bags as I had become so used to having two bags on my stomach with an open wound, but after a months stay in hospital and my wound now clean and dry I have been discharged from the district nurse and I am trying to get back on track and mobile.

My partner is still distant but I can only be thankful that I came through it again...  The only problem now is I had a lot of diarrohea for some time and even now I'm home it differs from day to day... some days I just have stomach cramps.... whether this will settle down?  I do hope so!  

I sent my stoma supplies back to the supplier today as they kindly picked them up from my home as I wanted them to be recycled rather than binned which is what my partner wanted... grrrr

My thanks to all for your support these last months and your words of advice...

good luck to all those still finding this site and the fellows who offer support.


Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:29 pm
Hi confused.
Wow, sounds like we are living the same "nightmare" albeit it is my son who was ill and had the colostomy. Because he is developmentally handicapped, it is also my nightmare.

He too presented no symptoms the day of his emergency surgery other than a pain in his side and he was really warm all the time. He was in the hospital for 64 days and lost 40 lbs.
He had 5 different surgical sites to clear his infection in his abdomen plus his colostomy.

I too got no support whatsoever from my GP and there was absolutely no dietician to help us. Shrugging shoulders seems to be the order of the day for some of them. I was treated like I was just a big pain in the you know what!

Everything I have learned I got off the internet and from this wonderful site.

My partner was very supportive through my son's ordeal but I know it is "getting in the way" of life. But I will forge ahead with my moral obligation to my son as number one on my agenda.

Interesting to note that your supplier took your supplies back. They will not take them back here in Canada. I will certainly be donating the supplies I have left as I know there are a lot of people out there that can use them as they are very expensive and not everyone is lucky enough to have a drug plan. I know we don't and it was difficult.

Wishing you the very best and look forward to further posts from you.

Warmest wishes and prayers being sent your way.
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  Past Member
Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:19 pm
Hi Biddyi, thanks for your response.  I cant imagine what you are going through with your son, I do hope things work out for you.  

I asked the Stoma team at the hospital if they had a contact for a company that would collect and recycle my stoma bits as I was loathe to 'bin them' as my partner wanted as hes never been on my side with this I've gone through it all on my own - even now with the reversal and recuperation.

However, that aside the Stoma nurse at the hospital kept 'forgetting' to look for the number so once I was home I was forced to phone my supplier and ask if they would pick up and recycle the items rather than bin them and they did... I so hope that they are given to those that need them.  The hospital themselves would not recycle the unopened stoma bits or my unopened wound dressings due to the possibility of cross infection!!  Even though one of the ladies on my ward had run out of supplies and was waiting for the stoma team to give her more!

Luckily here in the UK we don't have to pay for medical services etc although our prescription charges per item are going through the roof....

I really do hope things go well for you and your son makes a full recovery.

best wishes

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:08 pm
I too recently underwent an ileostomy reversal and have been struggling ever since.  I've lost 10 lbs in the past two weeks.  My nausea and abdominal pain are through the roof.  To top it off, unlike most who have undergone a reversal and experience diarrhea, I am terribly constipated.  I've already been hospitalized for severe dehydration and vomiting and am trying to avoid going back.  My husband however says if I don't start to drink and eat more I'll have to go back.  I've been very fortunate because he has been incredibly supportive.  I would love to hear some success stories of reversals and/or some feedback from others as to how long to expect feeling so sick.  I'm lucky if I make it out of bed for an hour each day.  Wishing the both of you much luck in the recovery process.
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