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Transverse Colostomy Reversals

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Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 4:04 pm
I am fairly new to this site and have posted comments to other's threads and now am posting my own story. My son who is 38 years old and developmentally handicapped is having his reversal done on Monday, March 26th.
He is pretty nervous about this but happy to be having it done. It has been a very long road for him since August 18/11 when he took extremely ill with Fournier's Gangrene and had massive abdominal surgery on that date. They did a transverse to let his rectal area heal. His spincter muscles are not as strong as the surgeon would like them to be but he wants to try a reversal. She cannot say for sure if he will have problems but he is prepared to try. We have been given the option to have a further colostomy done much lower in his abdomen should we wish to do so at a later date.
I am so thankful for all of your posts and have learned so much by reading each one's story. I am watching Dave in Canada very closely and am very happy that he is "on his way back".  Also Darla has been posting wonderful information and makes me laugh along the way. What a gal!
Keep posting your stories as I am learning something new every day to help me when the time comes to help my son to get back to his "normal" self.
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Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:37 am
I was a newbie last year when I had an emergency ileostomy due to no previous diagnostics... it just happened that part of my bowel decided to show itself as wrapped around another part and died...  I spent nearly two months in hospital at that point but have not been 100% since and felt abandoned by the dietician and GP until my collapse at home in mid January this year when I ended up back in hospital again with various health issues after collapsing.

I've just come back to the site after spending a month again in hospital but this time they not only did an ileostomy reversal but also took out my gall bladder as they found gall stones...  I'm now on the recovery trail yet again...

I'm sorry to hear about your son but hope that his reversal op works for him and gives him a better quality of life...

thinking of you both


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Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:35 pm
Hello Confused.
I just posted on your thread so I won't go into too much here.
It is so very frustrating when you can't get your doctors to listen and you feel know one is supporting you. I know the feeling.
My son is scheduled for his reversal on the 26th and I find I have a lot of unanswered questions that I will need answers to prior to the 26th.
We have a post-op clinic appointment for the 14th so I will hopefully get some answers there otherwise I will be trekking back to our surgeon's office for some answers prior to.
We are really hoping that he will be able to be trained enough to get back to a better quality of life and gain a little of his independence back.
Thank you for your kind words.
Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:33 pm

I am SO happy to see this post from you! Smile

This is one of many "first steps" that you'll be taking, along with your son, in the weeks and months to come!  It sounds as if your son has really "been through it"; not to mention all that YOU have been through and go through EVERY day as his mother and caregiver.  My mom was the primary caregiver for my middle brother for 35 years; so I am somewhat familiar with the "adult child caregiver" role and some of what that entails, watching my mom with my brother over the years.

Let me tell you, dear lady, that you have my UTMOST respect and admiration as you assist your son with his LIFE; and his upcoming journey into reversal land and subsequent recovery.  We'll be here to lift you up in our thoughts and prayers; and offer support and encouragement; as March 26th nears and for the days afterwards.....those days of waiting, and wondering, and "figuring things out"; and wondering what the heck that "new normal" really IS......

If I could "wish" you any one thing right now it would be for your son's reversal to be as uncomplicated and successful as mine and the others who are in "reversal retrospect" at the moment...Dave, Colm, Jean, Yukon Steve, Fable, Patrice (forgive me if I have left anyone out here).....we ALL are doing well after our reversals and we are going to believe that your son will be right in here with us! Smile

Sending prayers and tons of "good stuff" your way! Smile

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:38 pm
Hi Darla:
You have once again lifted my spirits. You have no idea how I have been feeling these last 8 months worrying about my son. He is my only child and so want him to be OK. He has been through so much in his 38 years and I have always thought that he just doesn't deserve what he has to bear now.
But as I say this, the wonderful people on this site also do not deserve having to travel this road and suffer the way they do and so many others who have not posted here.
Thank you so much once again for all of your kind words. I have been feeling a little down the last few days so your message to me has been timely for sure and has lightened my heart.  He is very scared about his surgery as we all are. We have told him it will not be near as bad as what he has already had to endure.
They are not too forthcoming with information on his reversal and I don't know what to expect fully after he comes home. I will have the nurses coming back in to keep an eye on his incision and stoma closure so that is a relief but they can't seem to guide me with what I will need, etc. by way of supplies other than Depends.  I am hoping to get this info from the pre-op clinic although I am not sure how much they even know about reversals. We shall see.
Bless you Darla.
Warmest regards.
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:37 am
Dianne -

I, too, only have one child....a daughter, who is 27 now and is going to have her first baby in July!  I can only imagine the shock you must have felt last August; and how the residual concern and worry NEVER really leaves you....even on those rare occasions when you CAN take that short "break" from it all and focus on something else; the worry is never far away and always in the back of your mind.  And, no, neither of you deserve what you have to bear now; and it is ok to acknowledge this as fact.  I, too, am humbled by the sufferings of others as compared to my own situation.  The good news is that we are blessed with an abundance of grace, mercy and my favorite 4-letter word.....HOPE. Smile

With respect to supplies and such, I learned much more about what to have on hand post-reversal on this site than any medical professional could tell me.  I have found that Calmoseptine cream and Coloplast Critic-Aid Barrier w/ Antifungal have been lifesavers for the bottom burn and irritation.  I got the Calmoseptine at Walgreen's; but had to order the Coloplast cream from Allegro Medical on the internet.  You may not need the antifungal agent....this mainly helps with itch if that's a problem plus the cream is clear and non-staining.  The diaper rash cream "Anti-Monkey Butt" is also great for bottom problems.
He will need some good baby wipes, too, especially in the beginning.  Even the softest toilet tissue will irritate if he is going a lot.  I thought I would need Depends, too, but I haven't had to use even one so far.  So you may want to buy one package and see how frequently you need them before you buy out the store. Smile  I had accidents for the first few nights but have had NONE since I got home from the hospital.  

You may want to check with some of the guys to see if they have needed anything in the way of supplies that I may not know about.

Glad I could bring a smile to your face, dear lady!  You bring a smile to mine as well. Smile  Thank you so much for the gifts of your encouragement and support.

Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:30 pm
Hey there Darla:
Wow, congrats on that first grandchild. You must be just flying right now and can hardly wait for the arrival.

I have a very dear friend who was told she would never have children that is expecting a baby in July also so it will be a very happy month.

Thanx for all the advice. I bought some Sudocreme at WalMart for his bottom cause I saw it recommended by a few on this site. Is it the same as Anti-Monkey Butt cream?  Also have baby wipes handy.

I am not sure if his post-reversal will be the same as an ileo reversal. Our surgeon lightly touched on the fact that he would be "back to normal" eating wise and bowel wise but she just isn't sure if he will be incontinent.

I was hoping to hear from anyone who had a transverse colostomy and/or a reversal of same or another type of colostomy to see if it is the same.

I guess you are right. We will just have to wait and see what we get when the time comes.

The latest up here is they are running short of "surgical pain killers" and other types of like IV drugs so the hospital where we are getting it done in Peterborough may be running short. Hopefully, they will not postpone his surgery because we are ready but they might.  He has a very high pain tolerance so I am hoping they will put him through but I am sure he is going to need the heavy hitters for a very short time in any event.

Yes, HOPE is one of my favourite words right now too. Thank you for reminding me.

Thank you so much for talking to me on this site. Still sending prayers for a quick recovery your way.

Will post more as the time draws near. Post-Op clinic next week so hoping to find out a bit more.

Kindest and warmest regards.

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 3:08 pm
Hello to everyone here. Hope you are all doing well and moving along nicely.

Well pre-op clinic is now behind us. Everything went well and is straight ahead!

They are going to give Ed an epidural so he will have no pain at allfor the first few days and when they take it out, he will be able tomanage well with whatever he has.

Have to be to the hospital for 6 am and to surgery clinic by 6.30 am.It is way early but..... won't have to hang around at home worrying andthe surgery, if on time, will be over well before noon if everything goes as planned.  Hoping this isso.

Will post again as soon after the surgery as I can.  Hope and faith and constant prayer is now our closest friends.

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:08 pm
Hi Dianne -

So everything is a green light, yes?  That's great news!

How is Ed taking his upcoming he anxious, or apprehensive....or looking forward to it....or all of the above?  

Yep, 6am is what I refer to as the BCOD (butt crack o' dawn).....I had to be at the hospital at 6am, too, the day of my reversal....but you are right, if you are first on the docket then your surgeon is fresh and hopefully alert Wink and you get it over with first thing.  And I am glad they are giving Ed an epidural in the mom actually had one after her total knee replacement for a few days and she says it was a got her through the worst and by the time it wore off she was able to make it with a lot less pain medication.  

Please know that both you and Ed will be foremost in my thoughts and prayers over the next several days and weeks to come.  We are going to believe that everything will be good.....that Ed's procedure will go smoothly and will be a total success; that he will have complete healing and minimal pain; and that both you and he will have the peace of mind that only the Father can give us.....that HE will take your precious child and hold him close; and hold YOU close as well.  And we, as your friends, will hold tightly on to that faith and hope of which you speak.  Everything will work for the good.....I just know it!

Please keep us posted.

Warmest Blessings!

PS:  I saw John Ramsey on GMA the other morning and he was speaking about his return from sorrow to HOPE.....thought of our previous conversations Smile
Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:03 pm
Hi Darla:

I think Ed is anxious but is handling it extremely well. We are excited to be getting it over with and the only thing that he knows is that he wants his bag gone.   We both are a little nervous but who knows where we will be when the time comes near.

As I said, we are full of FAITH and HOPE and are praying for a smooth transition. He is trying really hard with his deep breathing exercises and his kiegels and is trying to walk a bit. I have told him that on this website I have learned that you must walk, walk, walk and have told him that is what he should expect as soon as he can get up and at em at the hospital.

Will post as soon as I can post-op.

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:01 am
Dianne - As you approach this day....this wonderful day of transformation and healing for you and Ed; I pray that God's hands will guide your surgeon and that Ed's reversal will go smoothly and have a most favorable outcome.  I pray that you will have peace today; knowing these things will all work together for the good.....for you and Ed.  

We'll look forward to an update from you.

God Bless!


Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:32 pm
Well folks, it is all over but the healing.
Darla: I was thinking about you very early this morning along with other well wishers on this site and knew that you were there with us as we left for the hospital and made our way through the system. Also, fabulous pic Darla. Love it!!
Ed's surgery was a success. They surgery lasted just under two hours.
The surgeon did not have to "cut" him to do the reversal. She was able to do the reversal though the stoma site only. Yay!!!.
She said his bowel is very healthy and that there is very good blood supply.
They did not do an epidural as they thought it was overkill when they didn't have to cut him.
He is on a pain pump dispensing hydromorph??? which they are teaching him to use as he needs it. If he can’t manage a pump, they will go another route. They are talking maybe dilaudid. With the morphine, they are running a strong anti-nauseant as he is very sick with morphine.
He has a catheter in and may have it for a day or two.
They are not feeding him until his bowel starts sending out sounds and he has to pass gas and then they will start to lightly feed him.
He is pretty darn groggy and very sick today and slept most of the afternoon so I am home to go to bed early and will get back in there tomorrow at 11 am visiting hours.
Our alarm went off at 4.40 a.m. this morning and Ed came and woke me up and then announced that he was going back to bed. I had my coffee while he lay in bed and when I went to get him to get up and get his shower, he decided that he was very tired and that he needed more sleep. Yikes! I wasn't sure if I was going to get him out the door.
He was very scared this morning and certainly showed it. I talked him though it the best I could but he was mortified by the time we left.
I didn't get a chance to draw anything on his pouch. I had forgotten last night and with trying to get him to move along this morning, I didn't think of it when I put the fresh flange on.  Drats!!!!! I know my surgeon would have really liked it. She is amazing.
Will post again tomorrow.
Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:18 pm
Hey Dianne....

First......THANK YOU, GOD!

Second.....YAAAY!  YAAAY! and yet another YAAAY!

What GREAT news this is.....on so many fronts!  No unnecessary you said, let the healing begin!  And I would say that Ed is a very fortunate young man! Smile  I was up at the BCOD this morning as well and thought many times of you and Ed.....thus the early morning message I left. Wink

May your dreams be filled with angels this evening and you awaken to a day filled with new promises tomorrow.....promises of health and healing, and HOPE! SmileSmile

Keep us posted, dear lady.


PS:  And thank you for your sweet comment about  my new are too sweet!  I am so thankful that I feel well enough to get out and celebrate spring!!
Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:19 am
Great news Dianne!! Oh here's hoping and praying his recovery is swift and he'll soon be out of hospital. And good on you Darla for supporting Dianne like this. Its wonderful to see your great "neighbourliness" towards Dianne and everyone here. You're an absolute star!! Here's hoping things are settling a little more for you too! So take good care ladies..will keep you in my prayers and thoughts, Colm
Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:29 pm
dandare wrote:
Great news Dianne!! Oh here's hoping and praying his recovery is swift and he'll soon be out of hospital. And good on you Darla for supporting Dianne like this. Its wonderful to see your great "neighbourliness" towards Dianne and everyone here. You're an absolute star!! Here's hoping things are settling a little more for you too! So take good care ladies..will keep you in my prayers and thoughts, Colm

Hi Colm!

I was about to send the "forum posse" to find you since we hadn't heard from you in several days!  Everything ok?
Nope, not a star......just care about you wonderful peeps! Smile
Things are settling down a bit....I am "going" about 12 times per day now, give or take.  Hey, it beats 16-18 times per day.....I'll definitely take it!
Let us continue to lift Dianne and Ed up and pray for a complete and speedy healing and recovery!
Glad to see you around again!

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