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How many??

Posted by dls, on Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:21 pm

Veejay, I agree with you, I see many of the usual suspects. Then a thought: this is an international site, using the search engine, I dabbled around asking, for example, how many member in Norway (3).  So here's my take: Everyone does not speak and write in english.  I am sure that many subscribers are regular visitors to this site IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE.  I don't know how this site is designed, as ConvaTec sells to most of the world, I am sure there are many 'subsets' of this site. Hey, now that I've said that, I may get onto a country whose lanuage I speak and see what happens.  You can to, if you can read and write fluently in another language, use the search engine, find a county, and see if you can get in and communicate. This truly is an international site, as we have contributors from Scotland, Ireland, England, Canada, and Australia, all speak and write a variety of english dialects.  There may well be a Fremch site, a German site, but if you cannot comunicate, these messages are probably partioned off so as not to creat a "Tower of Babble'.  We just need more english-speaking/writing members to 'grow the herd'.  Tell all your friends, LOL

Reply by Newbie Dana, on Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:55 am

I think what happens with some people is that when they are new ostomates and just find this site, they are shy, unsure of themselves, and filled with questions. Many will search and read and find answers to questions, but not actually post anything, especially if they are still coming to terms with their identities as an ostomate. That little nub that causes so much trouble causes many people to doubt themselves and who or what they are afterward. They often don't feel able to actually get on the site and reach out - they sometimes are passive receivers. And that's OK, because a passive receiver is still RECEIVING - comfort, information, fellowship - even if they are not yet ready to reach back out. I only hope that I can occassionally provide some of those things.

Also, some people spend a lot of time here, rebuild their self-image and self-confidence as they experience life with an ostomy, and start spending their time doing many other things - and so less time on the site. And to every one, active and not so active, I wish the very best for them and their new companion in their life walk!

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