Why is my output green?


Hi, when I was changing my pouch, I noticed that my output was green. Why is that?


Have you been using some kind of deodorant in your pouch?

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Hi there, this could be the result of a couple of different things. Your profile doesn't say whether you have a colostomy or an ileostomy. If you have an ileostomy, your food doesn't have as much time to digest, and if you eat spinach or other green leafy vegetables, it can come out looking pretty much like it went in. If your output is very loose and your transit time is very short (the time from eating something to it exiting your body) it can also come out green, as the enzymes in your bowel don't have time to break down the bile in your stool, and turn it from green to brown. It can also be caused by some supplements. If your output is always green, I would probably talk to your doctor about it. If it is just happening once in a while, it's probably nothing to worry about. Always good to check though.



Green is from bile; made in the liver to break down fats plus a lot more. I'm guessing you're not eating much. Bile flows when there's no food to treat.
Hope this helps.


Hello Harapavlou320.

Thanks for the question - which has already recieved some good replies. It used to amuse me when my output was different colours so I wrote a rhyme to make light of the situation:

If your post had come earlier (like 10 years) I could have written another verse:

"There are various hues of green

the likes of which I've never seen

in my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

Best wishes



Right from the start
I sensed there was art
in my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

I’ve so often said
the cherries stay red
in my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

And to my delight
all nuts stay white
in my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

There in my sack
the currants stay black
in my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

I tell you my fellow
the sweet corn stays yellow
in my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

Blueberries too
will keep their dark hue
in my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

Those carrots stand out
bright orange they shout
in my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

I perplex and frown
as I ponder the brown
in my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

A vortex soup of colours blend,
a pot of gold at rainbows end
in my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

Were I an artist like Matisse
I would paint a masterpiece
from my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

But I am just a simple poet
rhyming words is how I show it
from my colour-full rag-tag bag.

I use the rhythms and the rhymes
to tell of smell and raw enzymes
from my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

The subject matter won’t get worse
by placing it within a verse.
The ostomate as graduand
will be the one to understand
my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

                               B. Withers 2011

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Thank you all for your replies, all much appreciated. I have an ileostomy. Thanks again.

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Not used anything other than skin barrier spray


Mine is orange when I eat sweet potatoes... green when I eat spinach... brown with beef. I'm an ileostomy and when I have grape juice it's purple.
I was told when I had tomato soup and I freaked out due to the red; it wasn't blood. I guess I'm entertaining my toilet!

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