Dating After Stoma Bag: How Long Did It Take You?

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The forum discussion revolves around the topic of dating after getting a stoma bag, with participants sharing their personal experiences and opinions.


Just wondering, how long after getting your stoma bag did you feel comfortable to start dating?

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You're gonna get a lot of different answers because that's a very individual-specific topic.

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I still can't imagine dating, but I'm 65, had a colostomy 7 years ago. This forum was the first I imagined.


I think it would be up to each one. How comfortable would you be letting someone know you have a stoma bag? I can't really say much about this as I am out of the dating stage. It has been talked about a lot on this site. If you click "Collections" at the top of the page, then click on "Premium Content," there are a lot of articles about dating under "Intimacy & Relationships with an Ostomy." Hope this helps. Best wishes.

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Most of the people that view this site won't pay to view the premium content stuff.

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Alex, thanks for the info. I did not know you had to be a member to view that.


Hi cb,

The sarcastic answer to your question'll be comfortable with dating when the person you're with finds out you have an ostomy and doesn't bolt out of the room screaming 'Holy crap...what was HE thinking!!". And when that does won't be comfortable anymore.

Seriously, there is no good answer to that question, as I'm sure you're really aware. But you eventually have to test the waters or get used to being alone. And it might not go so well when you try, but nothing in this world worth having ever comes easy. Eventually you'll get to the point where you're comfortable in your own skin again regardless of what others think, and then rejection won't sting as bad. And the longer you wait the more f ^ked up the rest of the dating population becomes, as no one dies healthy. So the younger you are........the less understanding for your condition others your age will have. Experience equals go get you some!!



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The website owners would have three times as many members if they'd charge companies to sponsor the site and ask for donations, allowing members full access.



The problem with that is then they're beholden to the sponsoring companies. That puts them in a very precarious position if one or more decides to reduce advertising (funding) and can also spell censorship to comments negative to one or all of the paying sponsors. It's a catch-22 for sure, no easy answer.

How much does it cost to join... I looked but couldn't find the subscription price anywhere.



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Not at all beholden to the companies, simply selling advertising space and contracts can be written as they see appropriate. Lifetime membership right now is $75. Then there's a couple cheaper options for less time. A lot of people that view this site are on fixed/limited incomes, spending the money (thinking they have to) to join could be the choice between paying this membership fee or using the money on something truly needed. Why do we get notifications when someone pays to be a premium member and told to check out their profile? For what, it's not like I (or any non-paying member) can contact them.


I'm still waiting on that and it's been 6+ years. I honestly wish you the best and don't follow my steps.


I had my original colostomy in 1993 at the age of 18. I was already shy to begin with, so I didn't even have any intimate moments or a girlfriend until I was 23. But every woman I dated after that has had no problem with my ostomy (ileostomy now). I guess it depends more on the person you meet and start to get involved with. My opinion is to just jump right into the dating scene and wing it as you go. If you take the slow approach to relationship intimacy, you don't have to even mention you have an ostomy right away. You could wait for a second or third date and then bring it up once she gets to know you more. If you are inclined to jump into an intimate relationship sooner, I would bring it up before you decide to get intimate...not the night of. I'd bring it up during your first/second date or at the end of that date if you feel things are moving quickly.

Just my personal experience and opinion. :)

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There's some pretty aggressive women out there nowadays (not that I would know), you better bring it up in the first 10 minutes or so.

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I never liked 'dating' before I had an ostomy, so I'm sure I really wouldn't like it now.

I got my ostomy in March 2020, and I have hardly been out in public since (I guess partly due to COVID). So I guess, how am I supposed to meet anyone? LOL I think I'm scared of rejection now.


I am new - mine is temporary and only 6 months ago as an emergency so no mental prep time ... I have blogged throughout so generally of you know me, you know that I come with attachments, I would say that for the right person, I would be happy to date, someone who is aware, supportive and the right level of interested.

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