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WE GET LOTS OF INQUIRIES ON THIS SITE regarding foods, what can I safely eat with an ostomy, what about this, what about that???  Everyone has good answers, too.  We’ve all had our experiences, and I wish to put my two cents in with respect to what I regard as the three major food groups:  pizza, baked goods, and pasta, all three eminently acceptable for anyone with an ostomy.  I happily take my cue from that well-known dietary expert, Fran Lebowitz, whose immortal words even now adorn my refrigerator door:  “Food is an important part of a balanced diet.”  These are all staple sustenance.  We have found a frozen pizza, for instance, that we like (Freshetta), which heats up in about 23 minutes.  We put our choice of toppings on it, shove it in the oven, and there’s dinner!  I’m partial to green olives, or anchovies, myself.  Bakery treats, it ought to go without saying, are a boon to a life well lived.  We recently discovered a pecan/cinnamon pastry that, even with only the first taste, elevated me off the floor into an enviable state of caloric ecstasy.  I was afraid that the neighbors might hear me moaning with pleasure and suspect that we had somehow discovered a paranormal method to return to our over-sexed younger days.  And, of course, pasta is the most staple of staples, the core, the very heart of any good diet, and with so many and various sauces available, as well as the different shaped pastas themselves, it affords endless experimental avenues of gastronomic gratification.  So there you have it:  pizza, baked goods, and pasta – the three major food groups.  Have at it!

I like your food pyramid, Henry.

Jeez, Henry....didn't take you long to jump off the potato wagon??

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A masterpiece of prose in praise of personal culinary perfection. You do descriptions very well, Henry. Some frozen pizzas are really good with all those fresh toppings from your kitchen. Since I arrived back, I have had pizza 5 out of seven nights...just about!! I have to start experimenting in my new kitchen!!

One kitchen appliance I love is my Microwave Convection/grill. Not cheap, about 500 Euros, but so damn good!! It cooks a big pizza in 15 minutes and it comes out just like from the oven, crunchy where it needs to be and soft where it should be. Doing the pizza in the oven tonight to compare??

Panasonic makes the best model.


Now, this is a topic I can get behind! I mostly agree with your three main food groups, but I think you were remiss in leaving out two that are particularly important to human wellbeing: ice cream and chocolate! They are also perfectly safe for all ostomates. I could eat pizza or pasta most nights of the week, without complaint. I'm an anchovy fan too, Henry. In fact, I'm having them tonight in my pasta sauce (puttanesca) and love them on my pizza. When it comes to the baked goods and ice cream, I do limit myself, but then if I ate that stuff every day, I wouldn't enjoy it as much, would I? At least that's what I tell myself. As for chocolate, I do eat a little dark chocolate every day, but I've heard that it's actually good for you. And if this is "fake news," I don't want to hear about it!


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Well, there is gnocchi, so I guess he's covered!


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I needed to limit my choices, and I figured someone would come up with chocolate and ice cream, two things I also adore.  I've never been able to handle dark chocolate, however; there are studies positing it as good for you.  I'm stuck on milk chocolate.  And it wasn't so costly, both in terms of price and calories, I'd live on See's peanut brittle. 

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No, that's not fake news. Dark chocolate is good for you, especially for those with any heart problems. Make sure the dog doesn't get near it, though, as it is no good for them. You could combine your two favorites, chocolate and anchovies, in a dish with penne pasta. Best wishes.

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Oh yes, I know about keeping the pups away from chocolate, not so sure about the chocolate and anchovy pasta! Then again, chocolate is one of the ingredients in mole sauce, which I love, so it might work. Do you have a recipe for this, or are you just pulling my leg?!


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Yes. Penne al Cioccolato con Anchovies. Dark chocolate. Hope you like it. Best wishes.

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Wow, thanks, I will definitely check it out!

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