Seeking Help with Peristomal Hernia Belts


Hi, I am a new member here, but I wanted to ask if someone else might have ended up with a peristomal hernia after receiving a colostomy. I had surgery in 2021 in August and have developed a hernia right behind the ostomy. I have had to make a belt to help relieve some of the pain I'm experiencing and was wondering if anyone else might be having the same problem. If so, I have written up an idea on a belt that I made, and it seems to be helping with the issue. I have copied it into PDF format but don't know where to post it for someone who might need to make one themselves. Could someone please assist me in getting this posted so perhaps somebody can make one that might help with the same type of problem? Thanks.


I also ended up with a parastomal hernia. Luckily, I have absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. I'm sorry to hear yours is painful. I believe others on here have made their own belts, too. But I'm sure that having your PDF on here would be a benefit to others as well. I'm a bit hesitant to give posting advice as there are members who are much more familiar with the site and could give much better advice than I can. Welcome to the site. I'm sure it will be useful to you.

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Thanks for the welcome. On the project, I have tried to draw diagrams as well as outline steps for construction of the belt.

I am just hopeful that maybe someone might use that instructional I put together. As I know, it has helped me a little bit.

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Hi lilmac, welcome. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to attach a PDF file (I can do pictures and videos only lol).

I would use the 'Contact Us' at the top of this page to ask how to do it. The support for this site is superior! Good luck!


Maybe you can take a screenshot (picture) of whatever you have written up and then upload the picture to this website?

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Thanks for the tip. I may just try that. However, since I added illustrations to the instructional, there are 3 pages of it.

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Ah then - perhaps you will need to take 3 pictures. If you cannot load them directly here, try loading them to Pictures (where there is a photo of a camera).