Which direction do you sit to empty?

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This forum discussion is about different methods and preferences for emptying ostomy pouches, including sitting forward, sitting backward, kneeling, standing, and using various techniques to prevent splashing.

Hi Marco,

Hey whatever works, right?

Personally I use a bag liner and LOVE them!!

When I have output, I just open the bag and lift out the liner, put my lubricant in a new liner, insert in bag, clean up around the flange and put the bag back on. Simple and clean.

I order the liners from https://parthenoninc.com/


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Aww, thank you Vickie... you're a sweetheart. Unfortunately I use a one-piece appliance and a septic tanks so they probably won't work for me. I'm happy that you found something that works well for you! It's like everyone has a different situation and different needs... It's refreshing that we can share these ideas on this site! ;)

Peace and love,


How to Empty a Urostomy Pouch | Hollister

I sit sideways with my bag at the back of the toilet. Since a have a trash can and various other impediments alongside the throne, I can't face the tank. I also have found that sitting side saddle is about the only way that works on airplanes.

Reply to AlexT

God bless your knees

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