Maximize Your Tax Benefits with the Canadian Disability Tax Credit


If you live in Canada and have a stoma, you can receive a large tax credit. Go to

I did this and received a $17,000 tax credit plus I now have an $8,000+ tax credit per year for life.

Interested? Hint, you need to use a certain phraseology which is in the Ostomy Canada's brochure. They will help.

I actually filled in the whole form including the doctor's part; all he had to do was sign and date it. He did not get upset as time is money, especially for doctors.



Thanks for the information.

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I got rejected the first time because my doctor barely wrote anything and I paid him $80 to fill out the forms. Doctors don't know what we go through day to day, so I filled out all the forms myself and my doctor read them over and agreed with what I had written and signed them, and I got approved. If they reject you, keep applying over and over again. The first time they approved me for like 8 years, and the second time they approved me for life.


I only got approved for 5 years, which is so odd. Nothing will be different in 5 years.

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It makes no sense at all. If it's permanent, it's permanent, nothing is going to change.

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This is weird. Maybe they have changed something, as when I got approved for it a few years ago, only people with 'permanent disabilities' were eligible, so there was no question of a time limit.


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