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Hi everyone,

I hope you are well and thank you for reading my post. While I signed up years ago I have not gotten a premium membership until just now. I got a lot of questions and I hope there are some good answers out there. I told my friend about my dilemma and he is scared for me. I have been in denial about needing the surgery. I appreciate any insights you may have.

Because my doc is scared I will get cancer, I think it's time to get the Barbie butt surgery but I have my doubts. I have a temporary ileostomy eleven years now and because of inflammation and narrowing they can't get a scope in there now but it's been inflamed for years. I got the booster in February and there was pain in the area and it became a malignancy scare. The Gastro is afraid because we cannot see the area and says I cannot guarantee that you don't have pre cancer right now or cancer.
My question is-> do these Barbie butt surgeries have to be disfiguring? I want things to look the same as they do now. With so many medical advances surely someone has had an amazing surgeon with a great technique and the Barbie butt looks closer to a regular butt and sexual function is normal and pain eradicated.

if you had a great surgeon for Barbie butt please let me know or know of a website with accurate info on the surgery then I would be most thankful for the information.

With gratitude,
Miss M


There's not a whole lot disfiguring to the surgery really. Your butt cheeks are sewn together but there's still a small indent so it looks like you have a crack still. I had my surgery done at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, they have been great.


Oh, and if you have questions, just ask.

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Hello Miss M.

Thanks for your post. I can't help with the specific information you require but whoever you use  to do the surgery should read your post before embarking on this exercise, so that they are aware of you feelings and fears. 

Best wishes



Dr Joel Goldberg at Brigham and Women's is a terrific doctor/surgeon in Boston. I would recommend.

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Hi tortoise you have what sounds to me like what i had until a few years ago where mystoma was so constricted the surgeon couldnt get the scope in it, so i had resection surgery and my stoma moved from right to left side and now i dont have blockages anymore, as for barbie butt mine was removed 30 some years ago when i had my first surgery due to crohns/colitis.

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