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Protecting ostomy bag during shower


I am new to the ostomy world and wondering if I can shower with the ostomy bag on and if so do I need to protect the bag or the seal from the water and if so how. 

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You will get a dozen different replies to your question here.  My own method is to have a shower with a removable spray head, keep my back turned to the spray so it doesn't directly go on my bag, soap up all over, use a washcloth to cleanse the chest, spritz the soap off everywhere else with the handheld sprayer.


My advice is - gently rip off that bag and jump in - wash everything but stoma itself - Pat dry      V I O L A
on days when you don’t change bag - it’ll hold up to a good washing as well -  I can stay in the pool for hours with no problem - I’ll bet it could even go thru a car wash ! 🤣


You can shower just like normal with your bag on, I do it everyday except the days I change my bag and then I shower with no bag on. 


Firstly, some of the newer design pouches do not have fabric material and thus can be quickly patted dry with a towel. I use Hollister which is the fabric type wafer and pouch cover. With the fabric type, some people use a hairdryer to blow-dry the pouch and wafer. I find this takes too much time so I use a simple 4" Tupperware(R) bowl to keep wafer and pouch [relatively] dry. Just hold it on with one hand and scrub with the other. Simple and works great. 


I agree you don't need to change it daily, probably just a blow dryer will do. I will try this just because I like trying new things. I'm planning on purchasing it soon but others have said it works really well with minimal water leaking into the bag during shower. If anything for peace of mind. It is just another option to consider.


I made a little shower curtain for myself for around my waist. Keeps direct spray off.


i use one of those thin plastic hospital aprons which i cut off above the waist covering my bag and use the plastic strings to tie it securely on change days i just shower without bag before fitting new bag.


Shower and dry off as normal, I just towel dry mine off with the rest of me, never used a hair-dryer.  I change mine every 4-5 days and the bag and base stay on fine even with a good soaking every day.  These things are designed to get wet.


I use Glad press'nseal multipurpose sealing wrap( kitchen clear wrap) and cheap Equate waterproof cushioned tape from Walmart. Too frugal to buy the devices...1. empty bag. 2. Fold bag up over itself ...I put a piece of scotch tape to hold it while I'm covering it. 3. Tear off a piece of Glad press'nseal...size to cover bag and 1" margined...smooth wrap over bag and will adhere but can be easily removed. 4. Cover edges with waterproof tape. This worked for me and was cheap and quick. Stays on thru shower and washing three feet of hair etc...Dry it off with towel before removing it so cover doesn't drip all over bag...Best of All to you!  Celia1552

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I did this in the beginning of my journey and never got my stoma or the bag wet.  Then on a visit to an ostomy nurse who told me that one of her patients actually said she most loved her shower when she did a bag change and actually let the water hit her stoma and washed away everything and removed all the wax (Leading to little wax balls in previous posts).  She suggested I try this.  I was flabbergasted- up until then NO ONE and I mean NO ONE! told me it was alright to get the little fella bathed!!!  There is just so much to be learned.  This alone reduced my shower time and made me feel less dislike for this belly butt.  I now favor every other shower day with no bag on my belly.  jb


Hi all i use convatec wafers that are all pectin base and i use water proof tape around the edges and just pat dry the pouch with TP.


I used press and seal plastic wrap and 3m waterproof tape.. and a little filter cover for over the filter that came with my pouches. It never failed me... or a cheap plastic shower cap can also be a quick idea to keep most of the water off.. 

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I’m glad you mentioned this. I do the exact same thing when I shower. Great minds think a like.

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110% in agreement with everything you said mate. EXACTLY what you said!!!!


What appliance brand and type you using?

The appliances are designed to get wet.

Shower and dry off just as you did prior to surgery.  Towel dry off the appliance when your drying off the ret of yourself. DO NOT use a hair dryer.  

Depending on my activity level and if it is summer or winter. I can go about 5-6 days between changing the appliance. 

You can swim in a pool, the ocean, a pond or lake even in a public fountain if you like.  Just dry off as you would before your surgery. Pat dry the appliance.   Do not spend tons off time in a very hot hot-tub.  This could be bad.


I have been showering with my bag on for 7 years and never give it a moments thought.

With a urostomy I wouldn't dare shower or do anything else with the bag removed as my stoma has a mind of its own and I don't want uncontrolled urine.

I've never seen any advice warning against showering with a bag still attached.  They are designed to be waterproof on the inside.

At the end of my shower I give the bag a gentle shake to remove loose drops and rough dry it with a towel as I dry myself.   Then I use some paper hand towel to soak up any bag remaining drips or dampness (takes 5 to 10 seconds) and apply my wife's hairdryer on medium heat all around the bag for 20 to 30 seconds.   After that it is bone dry :)    

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My apols but I did not read your hairdryer comment until ages after I posted.

Would you mind please explaining why you oppose that use?


I have a two piece flange and bag, what I did for showers is cut out the flange of a new bag and throe bag away. I remove the bag that I am wearing and place a double layer of saran wrap over my stoma( 4 inch square ), then I place the flange that I cut out over my stoma and snap the two flanges together with the saran wrap sand witched between the two flanges. I take the excess saran wrap and fold under flanges. It's like a shower cap for my stoma, save the flange that you cut out for your next shower and you mite want to sacrifice another bag to have a travel flange. I hope this make's sense and gives you a little time away from your bag. 


Ostomy shower cap
I take at least one shower a day, I purchased this bag cap from Amazon. It works great. 


It doesn't hurt to get it wet. I just prefer not to have a damp bag so I found an easy solution. I first pull up the bags to be compact with rubber band or pony tail holder. Then I use a disposable shower caps from the hotels or one from the 99 cent store. I pull the elastic around the bag and use another rubber band or pony tail holder to keep it closed. Keeps them dry and shortens my morning routine. I have two ostomies so its a little different, which is why I've never showered without the bags. Good luck, you'll find what works best for you. Just trial and error.

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I shower then put a baby bib between my skin and my pouch.

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Shower as usual then put a baby bib between your skin and your pouch.


I too wonder why you adamantly dismiss using a hairdryer. I've been using one after I shower w it on without anything covering my bag. 

I had surgery Nov., '21. Hairdryer never been a problem. 


I went with a two piece system so on my full change days I timed it in the AM so I could just go in shower totally free of appliance, super nice feeling.

Then I took one of my bags, cut it as small as possible and ran it through our food saver machine to seal it. I used this on my regular days because I didn’t like dealing with a wet bag and also didn’t want to have water get in my baseplate as I didn’t want the water to break the seal.

I know you can buy something like this, but I liked making mine at home.

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I couldn’t handle the hair dryer I always burned my fingers abs just didn’t want the hassle. 

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Does this cap go over the pouch? 


I shower and swim without protection with not problems 

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Good advice. 


I have had my 2 piece system for 2 1/2 years. I was given the choice when I got home to shower with the bag on or off. Home health showed me both ways. I change my system every 3 days. I shower once a week with everything off. Just like showers before my stoma. Works fantastic. Detailed sponge baths other days. Every person has to be comfortable with their own methods. There is no right or wrong way

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