Beach Attire: Keeping Dry Under a Bathing Suit


I am not a swimmer by a long shot, but I do like to get into a pool or head to the beach from time to time. I know everyone says that it is okay to get the bag wet, but I'm wondering if there is anything you can put on under a bathing suit to be sure it stays dry. Or is that impossible? Just curious.....


To keep it completely dry is probably about impossible. StealthBelt does make a neoprene belt for swimming, I've never tried one so I have no review on it.

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Hi, a StealthBelt is what I used and it worked great. Good luck!


I was just in Florida. I swam in the Atlantic Ocean and the hotel swimming pool. I do nothing special with the ostomy pouch. The pouch gets 100% wet. When I get back to the room, I take a shower (the ostomy pouch gets 100% wet again or more wet depending on your perspective) and I pat the ostomy pouch dry with a towel when done. Nothing to it.

This may sound weird, but this works for me. I take the tail end (the drainable end with the tail clip) and I use an old elastic band from a pair of underwear. I tuck the tail into the elastic band. I do NOT like my ostomy pouch to be unsecure (the tail end that is).


I put on very little, I flip the tip of the bag up and tape it above the wafer. Then I may put a gauze or some cloth over it, but most times don't, you can't see it, it's such a small tip. Then I use the stoma wrap and a T-shirt on top, and I'm happy as a clam with that, go right in and have a blast. Then I come out and just dry it, simple, no hassle. It is more important to plan your diet for the trip, like what to eat before, during and after, plan for gas, you know the foods that give you gas and can interfere with a good time. Make sure if possible that there is a restroom around, makes life simpler. I personally fast very easily, so those days I just eat after I've had my fun in the water, or I eat light stuff that gives no gas. That's it, easy peasy, have fun!

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That's a wise move!! To have extra security on the end that opens. The Velcro can come loose if not clicked tightly together. I use a strip of Micropore Surgical Tape on top of the Velcro, just in case, especially in a pool!!


I, too, live in Florida full time. I find a wrap by Ostomy Secrets is the way to go. Remember to stay hydrated and enjoy.


It is always good to wear too.


I use pink tape around the base.


I use pink tape around the base.


Thank you for all the responses, I really appreciate it!

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I will use mini binder clips to secure the clamp.

Can also use the curved side pieces to cover the outer edges for more security in the water.