Has anyone had this condition? If so where you able to have it clear. What type treatment did you receive.


Hello M

I'm guessing you have a J pouch or a disconnected J pouch. I had pouchitis and cuffitis constantly so went back to the ileo. I still get small bouts of it. I started with 2mg cortisone suppositories and 1mg mesalazine suppositories. After it settled down I just do the mesalazine now and then for a maintenance type of thing. When the pouch was functioning I discovered there are some who live on antibiotics to try and tame it rotating to between two different types but this didn't work for me.

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G-Day Morrison,

Yes I had a J-Pouch for 18 years and I also got Pouchitis and Cuffitis so like Axl I went back to the Ileostomy and never looked back. I wish I had gone for the Ileostomy right from the start.

Regards IGGIE


Axl and Iggie - thank for sharing this bit of experience (altho it’s not the first time you have shared) but I think if ever I was to go for a reversal and that was my choice I’d stick with my ileostomy which has been basically complication-free for 3+ years now.  I did, in the past, reject the idea of reversal for various reasons but mainly I embrace a pain free existence.  I ended up with my feature (stoma) as a result of a cyst on the outside of my colon (but attached to my colon, ovary, and appendix as it grew without my knowledge or any discomfort or signs) fortunately for me it was non-malignant but removal was necessary followed by a “temporary” stoma.  This is just a recap, I have already written about, for any newcomers to this site who may just now be joining MAO -  which has been an enormous help in my journey.  jb

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When I repeat something it's for the New Person asking a question that hasn't seen the previous notes. Regards IGGIE

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Yes and that’s a good thing - there are new comers everyday and repeats help us all to remember things🤗