Popcorn madness... A special report


Dateline: Huntington Beach, CA

Sharp eyed readers might have noticed an innocuous post days ago, detailing a gastro adventure of Ostemate, Beachboy.  Deciding to "throw caution to the wind" he consumed a small popcorn with a rather large soft pretzel, at a local movie theater.  Our intrepid reporter, Bertie Flit, interviewed this wayward  fiend and filed this report titled: The day after.

To ensure this gripping story is more "real", sound effects and commentary have been added in parentheses.

Reached at his tiny home, Beachboy regaled this reporter with details about his sordid tale of popcorn/pretzel madness (Burp).

After a fitful night of minor bag bloat (Berrrrappp), Beachboys alimentary canal finished processing the "forbidden fruit" (gurgle-rumble). By mid morning his colostomy bag was percolating with an extremely viscous sludge resembling Mississippi mud after a flood (plop, plop.. fizz, fizz). 

Unable to drain his pouch (damn...), he snapped on 2 new bags in 2 hours (click, clik).  Use of deodorizer Lube proved fruitless (Yikes).

Chastised by this humbling experience (unlikely), Beachboy pronounced himself cured and cleansed of popcorn addiction, vowing "never again" (fingers crossed).

Some call me dirty, but my names Bertie. As Porky pig would say:

Ba Da Ba Daaa.... That's all folks.



😆.. sweet.

no lesson learned here by the 🤞???!!!

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Alas.... I'm a creature of habit.

Though some would just say.... a creature

Reply to Beachboy

Dear Creature:  I hate to see you are willing to give up your popcorn habit….have you tried Chester’s ?  It may be just the answer to stomas that scorn popcorn…..just a suggestion.  jb


Having a colostomy has so many advantages over an ileo and I’m envious (but happy for you!) of all of them. However, I suspect that eating popcorn is one that ileos like me have over colostomates like you. Like all foods, popcorn goes through me faster and I’ve never had a problem. It’s occurring to me - is it possible that the popcorn AND the pretzel did you in? That’s a lot of binding going on…..

Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
Morning glory

I wonder how long you will last lol or will you rationalize that ; 🥨  and 🍿 .Lol 


Reply to Justbreathe

Heyyyyy, he looks just like the cat on Cheetos commercials.  I'll have to try some puffcorn now.  My wife does say I'm corny from time to time.

Reply to eefyjig

Yes.. a novel form of synergy.   Pretzel molecules joined forces with popcorn fluff to produce stickee, thickee...sludge that defied all bag drain attempts.  My feeble fingers were humbly challenged.  

But each handful from the 'corn bucket went down so smooth.  Ah.. the memories 

Reply to Beachboy

alas, a creature featured.


My wife believes I'm an alien.  Told her:  Don't tell the neighbors, butt I'm from Uranus.  

Reply to Beachboy

I'd love some pop corn but stay on side of safe :)

Reply to wolf45pm

Sometimes..... ya just gotta have it.

A small tub of popcorn at the movies will cost me a colostomy bag or two later.... but it's worth it.  And since I chew it so well, lasts the entire movie... even the credits


Dateline:  Huntington Beach  

Local authorities are considering a ban on theater popcorn sales to well known  Ostemate, Beachboy.  
Sewer systems around the city suffered massive stoppages last week.
  Against common sense and civic responsibility, the "boy" munched a small tub of this forbidden delicacy at a local movie house.  A day later...... sewers began to malfunction and operations were  disrupted at the 5th street water treatment plant.
Crews worked night and day clearing the heavy, cement like sludge and bring the plant back online.
 Condemnation was swift and severe.  In a rare show of unity, Republicans and Democrats worked together crafting new local regulations against the 'corn hooligan.

Shaking his fist, mayor Stu Turdly vowed "Never again!"