Neonatal Ostomy High Output


Hi guys, I made this account for my baby since she has an ileostomy now for about 2-3 months now. I have done a good job at being able to put a bag and achieve a non leaking bag or popped bag for the most part. Anyway the reason why I am posting this is because we recently got admitted back in to the hospital bc of dehydration and she’s on extra fluids now. Also she’s been dumping and they want her to fast for 24 hours… (not happening) I read from adult’s perspective about high outputs and what they do to maintain they’re electrolytes and sodium and slow down their output but what about babies since they are very limited on medications and what’s safe to take as such a young age. 


I think you really should have a medical professional's advice on this.  Try asking one of the nurses at the hospital where your baby was treated.  There should be a dietician attached to the hospital that could advise you on this.  Good luck.


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Hey mama!  Are you at a pediatric hospital?

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Yes, we are at a children’s hospital that has treated her since she has been a little baby in the NICU. They stated that they don’t know what cause all of the dumping to happen with baby. I have been doing my research to be able to advocate for her in the best way possible avoiding any surgeries or attachments they would want to put on her before even trying medications or other routes for her. 


Do you know what type of specialists are overseeing her care right now? When you say dumping… can you help me understand better what you mean by that? It sounds like your baby girl has a good mama looking out for her.  Do you have local support?

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Sorry to hear that you and your baby are going through this. Sounds like your sweet baby needs a pediatric GI.

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I see the area the original poster lives in from the profile. In that same area if you google “Advanced Pediatric Gastroenterology Specialists” contact information should pop up. I hope this is helpful. I don’t know if I’m allowed to post the exact address on here because I don’t know if that’s considered promoting a business? I don’t know if that’s OK in the group? I’m not from that area I just did a search myself. Maybe as a local mama she already knowns about this pediatric place but if not just wanted to share.

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Aw thank you! Yes she’s had a high output ever since she got dehydrated. It was like a water fountain, and we don’t know what’s caused it. She’s on Pectin, Imodium, Nexium as well. She still is on her 24 hours fast and the results has been good but I can’t stand seeing her cry for milk so I have just been having to calm her down and have her sleep. She’s hooked up on IV fluids and is super swollen. We do have a pediatric GI doctor on board with her care. I hope she gets off the IV soon.. and start to eat by mouth again. It’s been a heck of a mess dealing with the physicians orders and fighting them! 

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Wow I wish nothing but the best of luck for you... and your little one .I have an ileostomy and there's days I live in the bathroom and can't imagine a poor little one even tring to breakdown what an older child or adult can with their GI tracts .


I’m so sorry to hear that your precious baby girl is having such a tough time.  It’s incredibly hard for parents to watch their sick child in NICU.  My youngest son was in NICU for about four weeks.  His birthweight was 3.0lbs and his lowest was 2.8.  His medical issues were no where near as serious as yours.  His life threatening conditions didn’t show up until after he was home for a month. I was very blessed to have a group of PICU nurses that gave me the support I needed and advocated beautifully and at times very sternly.  The Foot Prints Poem describes my life for the next four years.  I will be praying for you to have the physical and mental strength to do what you need to do every day.  I have a fabulous group of prayer warriors that will start praying for your family tonight until you don’t need us.  Lord please give this Mama comfort and strength to handle each day.  We ask for healing of her precious baby girl that you blessed her with and love dearly.  Lord please guide the doctors and medical staff to find a cure.  I ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen

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Hi , I  just want to join the others in welcoming you on the site. I also agree with the advice. I am so sorry your precious baby is going through this. I sympathize  with you and your suffering to see your baby like this. Prayers  are being said. Please keep us posted.

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Thank you so much I really appreciate it.


Hi guys, an update on what’s happening and a little history behind my daughters condition. She suffers from Hirschsprung’s Disease and that’s why she has an ileostomy. Currently like I said we were readmitted in the hospital after being home finally for two weeks. Baby was in the NICU for 3 months since she was born. She got admitted in because of dehydration, finally she is back to her normal levels. Now we are on another focus which is her high output. I was secretly giving her an ounce of milk because she would scream for milk and I’m the one at the end of the day dealing with baby and her suffering not these doctors.. they decided that she can’t eat until tonight that’s if her out out is less than 10Mg/ML/day. I need someone to PLEASE INFORM ME on really if this can be solved. Baby has been on pectin (gelatin powder) to thicken her stool, baby cereal, and fortification with formula. Mind you she take Imodium and now she is at her max limit with it. I know I read a popular topic of high output for adults but what about neonates shes an infant now. They offered TPN, BROVIAC, and even a G-Tube… she has no oral intolerance and eats perfect. The only thing I accepted was Ng tube and that’s because she was doing continuous feeds. I need input and advice on how I can fight back and advocate towards them. It seems like they’re just experimenting with her. It’s affected my mental health and my husbands and it’s seeming like a malpractice to just keep trying new things with her instead of finding someone that has experience with her condition. I know there’s hospitals with specialties with her condition, but they are out of state. Thank you for listening to my story that has not been ever shared online. 


Oh my, what you, your husband and your baby girl have been through. It's tough enough being a new parent, my heart and healing thoughts go out to you. I did a quick online search and I see Hirschsprung specialists in Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle....I see what you mean. Not in Florida. I saw a site called which is the Center for Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction at Nationwide Children's Hospital. They're in Ohio but seem to be the experts. They have a form you can fill out to speak to the team. I know she's so young and you have a lot going on and may not want to even think about contacting them but I figured I'd share that info just in case. Btw, a big round of applause for you taking incredible care of your sweetie and managing her bag, something that takes us adults a lot longer than two or three months to figure out! 👏🏼


What about “Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.” They came up in my search on the condition. Can they help? I found a story in another search I just did: 

This story mentions the pediatrician that is in Florida, and her name is Nicole Chandler, M.D. she knows this condition and her name is a blue link down in this story, click on it her contact is there and maybe she can help.