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I wear a clear transparent ostomy bag and have started to notice a white freckled substance spotting the inside of my bag. Is this bacteria? Possibly from something I'm consuming?  I don't want this to cause an infection so I'm going to change it out, its probably been about 4 days.




could also be mucus...

I don't wear transparent ones because I would be wondering and worrying all the time ehehhe

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I wear a clear bag as well - do you wear a barrier ring?  I have notice from time to time if the barrier ring is not tightly adhered to wax,  pieces will break off and fall into a bag - sounds kinda like what you are describing.  jb


Could also be a medication you are taking. When I took magnesium in a pill form it used to come out as a white powdery substance in my bag. I switched to liquid magnesium and the problem went away. But it could be a medication that is not being absorbed.


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Good point….

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Interesting I do take Prozac for anxiety in pill form. I didn't think about mucus I guess that too could be the reason 


what you spotted there friend,   is a UFO- 🛸📡




hope u get it sorted.  can u get it analyzed by  your PCP?? lab? 

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