Stealth Belts: Any experiences with horizontal ostomy bags?


Has anyone tried the Stealth Belts? How do they work? The ostomy bag has to be horizontal - is that a problem? I had never thought to put it anyway but vertical. The website states how one can do water sports and all kinds of things with this Stealth Belt.



I have an equivalent belt (different name). Yes, to serve its purpose, the appliance has to be put in a horizontal position and yes, I have found this to be problematic.



Hi! Yes, I bought a Stealth Belt and it works great. They make them custom, and because I have an Iliostomy with more of a liquid output, I had them sew it to fit a diagonal attachment. I think it cost $10 to $15 more, but it works! I just put my pouch on at a 45-degree angle. No problem emptying. I don't wear it daily. I just put it on for activities like golf or swimming, or even if I just want some extra concealment. Don't think I spelled that right. They are a little bit spendy though, at about $120, but worth it.

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Yes, I purchased the Stealth Belt for about $120. I knew summer was coming so I wanted to have additional coverage under my suit. However, I personally have not been completely satisfied with it. It moves around and isn't that comfortable. You do have to put the bag on sideways and that makes it difficult for draining. Also, the pouch of the belt is rather unusual in size even though you give them the dimensions of the bags I use, causing everything to bunch up which is easier to detect under clothing. My priority for getting this costly item was to reduce chances of exposure/detection. I am only 5 months into my ileostomy and very self-conscious. I was hoping for better results.
I have purchased 2 items from that I use a lot more and feel better wearing. The Stealth Belt is specifically designed for athletic and swimming activities. I still have open rectal wounds so both of those options are not available at this time. I should have waited to make this purchase and asked more questions.


I have not tried the Stealth Belt myself, the horizontal position of the bag would have to be problematic for emptying the pouch. I use the Nu-Hope ostomy belt and I love it. It is great for preventing hernias, as well as providing good bag support. Something else that might be of interest, you can send them your garments, girdle, or compression shorts and they will install a ring for your pouch. I think the cost for this is about $26 per garment.

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I have both an ileostomy and colostomy. I have also lost weight since ordering the belt. It just seems to pull the bags loose, so I stopped wearing it.

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