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Hi friends...

I have had an ostomy for about 5 years now. I've had issues every once in a while as we all do. But the last few months, I've started to have severe leaking, which is not only painful, but it's causing me to run out of supplies. It's also really taking a toll on my quality of life. I have recently switched insurance companies and doctors, and don't have an ostomy nurse yet. As an example, I went to Disneyland this weekend with a friend for the holiday weekend, and this morning I had a banana at breakfast, which caused my bag to lift off. I have gone through 5 bags today. By the time I had put the last one on, my skin has become red and swollen, and soon, it will start to sweat with a yeast infection. I'm freaking out, as I only brought 5 bags with me, so this is my last bag. I don't even know what I will do if I completely run out. I seriously can't live like this anymore, and I feel like there isn't anyone who understands. I'm thinking about eating and drinking as little as possible just to be able to make it through tomorrow. Does anyone have any words of wisdom?

Much appreciated.


Hello, since you have no replies I'll throw in my .02.

There are many things that cause leaks. Once you get a leak, the skin gets irritated and the replacement flange will not adhere or adheres poorly. The best thing is to get home and work on getting your skin healed. Has anything changed in your normal routine? Gained any weight? Are you prepping the skin correctly? Perhaps you can describe how you prep and what products you use. Good luck and keep us posted.

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So sorry you are having problems... Some tips here...


Hi Diznegrl, I am so sorry you are having these leaking issues - how frustrating!! I was wondering...since the problem just began these last several months...have you changed a product in your changing routine? Also, once in a while I have issues with my flange not sticking very well. I was told by a few seasoned ostomates that sometimes a product could be slightly defective causing issues. They told me not to worry and just use another product from another order. I find sometimes my flange sticks well for 4+ days, other times I barely get a 3-day wear. Once, I did not snap my pouch on completely and had a leak. Really, I thought it was on but evidently it was not completely on. Even the click worked. Anyway, what I do for my skin is crust every time. I have very sensitive skin so the crusting...ostomy powder with skin barrier prep really provides a nice coating to my skin lessening the irritation. I use 3M barrier wipe and Coloplast ostomy powder. So far, so good with that combination. Hope things improve and the leaks stop occurring. Take care. LH


Try talking to a rep from the company you order your supplies from. They are very helpful.... Have you lost or gained weight? Moved to a different climate.... More or less active...... Try a different pouch - perhaps one piece.

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Have you noted that after 5 years, your colostomy site may have experienced a curvature from a hernia? I have one that resembles the same curvature as a bowling ball. The appliance is trying to adhere to this curvature, and I use "pink tape" as a helper around the perimeter. With careful movements and avoiding stooping heavily on my site side, I can get 4/5 days out of my system. You may want to contact a wound nurse to take a look at the skin foundation for breakdown. Every so often, I use paper surgical tape to replace the pink tape and allow the foundation area to get some rest and air. I have had this thing for 14 years, and yes, "it sucks," but the alternative doesn't sound better. Have fun, Bud.


Hey lzblaze, quick question for you... How is the skin around the stoma after 14 years? Does it remain the same? Did your stoma remain the same diameter? Thanks and stay well. Penguins7

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