Preventing Skin Ulcers from Leaks: Share Your Tips!


I never had ulcers under my wafer until I had my stoma relocated to the upper part of my abdomen. (It had been down just above my belt line). Now I have had about 7 in the last year. I think I found a way to fix it with a combination of latex barrier, transparent film, and an ostomy belt worn at night. Never had to do this years ago.

I know that I am not the first. Tell me what you have done to prevent future ulcers.


I empathize with you. I am having the same issue for the second time in three years. It sucks and is painful. I am working with a WOCN. One thing you may want to look at is whether you are using the right bag for you or if you have an adhesive issue. My problem is not because of leaks. It came on very suddenly and quickly got bad. :((( At the moment, I am using a flat Marlen of their new ones cut open to include the sores in the bag. It sounds awful but that is what worked for me last time. It is the only way to get any decent wear time with the sores almost all around my stoma.

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I put tons of adhesive on my wafer before applying. I haven't had a blister since.


I have been putting a latex barrier on my skin before I put the wafer on. The barrier seems to stick real good and firms up my skin so the wafer sticks better. So far so good. But it took almost a year to figure out a new method.

Lots of trial and error.


What are ulcers around stoma? Sorry, just asking because I am wondering if wearing an ostomy belt too tight can cause it? If you wear an ostomy belt, do you wear it all the time, just a day or so when a new appliance is put on, or for an hour or two after changing the appliance? Asking because in summer, hot, sweating seems I get red sore spots around stoma. It is flush with the skin and looks reddest at points where the belt hooks onto the barrier. Thanks for any information.


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I use a thin layer of adhesive powder combined with niacin powder, that seems to heal ulcers. Also, I have a scar indentation that I fill with a piece of stick barrier.


I am thinking mine is from summer heat like a yeast infection because as soon as humidity and heat goes away, so does the red burning skin. I use Nystatin powder and Eakin seal and a 2-piece Coloplast appliance with convexity. I used to get 6 to 7 days wear from an old Marlen 2-piece reusable faceplate and pouch, but had to change it due to weight gain when I stopped smoking. This made the right side even with the skin and it leaked all the time! Plus, when I had my gallbladder removed, it really messed up my output. I changed to pure water and could not keep the appliance on. Lomotil and Benefiber help with that issue. I have had an ileostomy for 38 years from UC.


Yes. Ul

Yes. You can get pressure ulcers if the belt is too tight. I take mine off in the evenings. But put back on overnight.

Pics of ulcers on website.

The pics are actually of my own ulcers from leaks.

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Evening Kruzer....for me, simply a barrier ring solved my issues and continues to do so.....


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