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Do you folks out there in ostomy land have issues with salad?  Is it normal for the pouch discharge to be loose when you eat lettuce, spinach or avacado and other fresh vegtables??  I did not get a blockage from the salad greens but the output was pretty loose.  It sure was nice to be able to eat a salad though. Thanks guys!

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Hello Freedancer. Being a vegetarian, I eat salads regularly and have never had any problems with the veg's that you mention. However, there are things I avoid because I don't like them much or they don't like me! cucumber and onions are a couple of things in that bracket.

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Freedancer,  Yes out put is usually loose from salads.  It has to do with the water content in most fruits and veggies.  There are those however that can cause blockage issues or thicken output.  Fruits and veggies with seeds or thick skins (apples, grapes, berries, pineapples, even tomato skins, & potatoe skins and corn and spinach) can cause issues just like nuts if you have many adhesions or strictures or scar tissue.  The smaller the passage the more likely the problem. I have also found that the output is quicker to happen when I enjoy a salad.  Just be aware and you should be fine.



Freedancer,my gastro doc said iceberg lettuce was fine in passing through because it is mostly water.Okay for tomatoes without skin,very thin sliced seedless cukes.


I used to have lots of trouble with almost everything I ate. Then I started taking a loperamide (Imodium) pill with each meal. That works for me, but may not be necessary for you. The other thing I learned is that butter and oil cause problems, so now I don't put dressing on salads and I also ask for my food to be cooked without butter or oil.


I was advised not to eat lettuce


Masticate - and all will be fine...


I have the same problem. I have a 2 1/2 year old colostomy, and have heard that one's bowels are never the same after bowel surgery. Boy, does that ever ring true for me! I find that too much fibre (I was a big fan of fibre before my surgery) goes right through me, and it could happen at any time, so it was difficult to be able to plan anything. I love to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, especially in the summer when they taste so good. So, I have experimented wih Immodium. I find that a balance of fibre and Immodium works. You might have to experiment with how much Immodium works for you. For me, too much Immodium (6 - 8/day) makes me so groggy I can hardly function. Masticating your food won't help. All that does is break the food into smaller particles, which makes it easier to digest. Well, your body is telling you that digestion isn't the problem! Slowing down the digestion is what you need, and that is exactly what Immodium does.  Good luck. Let us know if this works for you.


I have had my colostomy for 1 1/2 years now. I eat what I want,  but stay away from nuts, seeds  and corn,  Lettuce is not a problem ( Iceburg ) I am on Warfrin and Vit K is a no no,  ( most green veggies,)   My problem was  not loose stools,  My ostomy RN told me to take a stool softner 2xs a day.   It is just learning what  thickens and what thins,  LOL  also make sure you chew your food well. And iam sure you know to drink lots of fluids  Good luck.


Stay away from Boston or Red Lettuce, my experience, ice Berg Lettuce is never a problem, Spinach binds like a rooe, terrible, alwsys try things 1 at a time, put your usual 2 or 3 salad ingredients in, add a new one and drink that water, we all know water is the key, , once I went on a criuse, didn't recognize a lot of the buffet, awesome eating, awesome problems, too many unknowns at once. Have an awesome time exploring 😗


Thank you!! So far, the only partial blockage I have had with New Maxine is cooked carrots.  For some reason, they did not do well.


I have an ileoostomy, and I notice fr me, that iceberg moves very quickly and produces loose stool I generally prefer heartier greens, sspinach, romaine, kale etc. I have no issues , in terms of rstrictions. I eat whatever I like, and ALL the same foods as I did many, many moons ago- pre-ostomy & disease. The biggest change was discovering the hard way, that I have to slice oranges, rather than just peel & eat.

For me it was just about learning how certain food digest. Some things I simply won't eat unless I am in the comfort of my own home.

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