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"Copper " ....series

Posted by Mayoman

This is set in New York of the 1860s  during the civil war . Sadly it demonstrates the Racism towards the Free black population in general and particularly among the Irish settled immigrants and even moreso among the fledgling Irish Cops !! Does anything ever  change . Robert Peel set up the first police force in the North East . He probably had mostly Northern Ireland natives because His police force , The Peelers , dealt a lot with "Fenian Rebels " in the  Protestant dominated Province . I don't think he would have trusted the Catholic ( read : Anti Unionist  Rebels ) immigrants from the Southern 26  Counties of Ireland . However this type of racist behaviour would have been fairly common among many of the Irish in New York . The Civil War torched all the hatred and resentment  of the new immigrants towards the new as well as towards the settled people and newcomers ( Black) arriving from the Southern  Slave States.  The Irish  Anti Civil War riots in NYC  had shown this deep resentment when Black neighborhoods were burned by Irish protesters and many Black people were murdered  without consequences for the perpetrators . The new Irish did not want to enter a war as soon as they set foot on the docks. Five Points had been the Epicenter for Irish and Chinese Immigrants and was the flashpoint for demonstrating the anger.

At this time in England The Irish were , in Parliament , referred to as " White Chimpanzees "  who are not essential to the civilization the English were trying to achieve , surplus to requirements , excess baggage etc .... They could all just die or emigrate and the world would not miss them .

   Given the English attitude you would imagine that the downtrodden Irish would habour no animosity towards their fellow sufferers but sadly no , not the case . It was a fight for survival and the Irish who had just escaped a virtual genocide in Ireland  had become ruthless in their approach to securing a future in their new homeland, anything or anyone in their way would not do well. Newly freed Black people from the South were the competition that had to be kept out of the Irish realm of success . It was a zero sum game , win or lose with no room for compromise . They had finally come round to the English way of thinking , win at any and all costs.  

    Attitudes have changed a lot but just scratch below the surface with the " Lace Curtain Irish"  even today and you will find the same attitudes. The old timers ( by now) who harbour these insidious thoughts and attitudes are slowly dwindling and modern day Irish people have come a long way in changing those nasty attitudes . A black person with a native born Gaelic / Mayo ,Dublin , Cork or Galway accent is no longer a novelty here in Ireland  and that's a great thing. You can't really tell a native born Black Irish person to " get the F**k outta here and go back home ". ..they are home !! 

   The Irish were heavily represented in the armies of the Yankees and the Confederates during the war and like everyone else it was often Brother against Brother during that sad, violent period in American history. 

   I often include stuff about the Irish but that's the stuff I know ...warts and all !!! 😜☘

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