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Ladies And Gentlemen

Posted by Angelicamarie

I'm getting ready to face my fears, for one I haven't been home in 5 years. My home is Jersey City, NJ. I'm suppose to go to Jersey in June and in July off to Texas to see my brother's young daughters. Well, they have a big pool in the back of the house , not that my intentions is swimmimg as of yet. But to sit out there in blue jeans wouldn't be appropriate either, "that's just my opinion."  So, I went shopping for a bathing suit. Needless to say,  I haven't worn a swim suit since I was in my early  twenties. Even then, I wore a one piece. Now at this age and my new arrangement, I had to find something flattering for me!  So I initially looked at only one pieces but the smallest size was a four which is too big for me and a bikini was definetly out. Anyway, I purchased a Tokini which is the top and bottom but for the bottom, I bought high waisted. Ladies, my point is,  there is a a suit for  everyone and every body, that means you too !! I say this because I visited Israel in 1989 and went to the beach. I was astonished! Why? Because there were women of all shapes and sizes who were throughly enjoying themselves and didn't seem to care who starred or disapproved of them. Ladies and Gentlemen ,  "don't lose hope because hope is beauty!"  This is Angelicamarie representing me! good day all. 

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Bill : Great Post! and I feel sure you will look good in anything you decide to wear so, go for it!
Best wishes
Jun 11, 2017
Angelicamarie : Thanks bill, for the compliment on the post, coming from
You it must be good!!! Thanks again, have a great afternoon.
Jun 11, 2017
Cooltronto : They say,Confidence is the key to beauty.People send out positive or negative energy.If you are comfortable in your own skin ,than you exude inner beauty.From reading your post ,I feel you are moving in the right direction!Have fun and enjoy your beauty! Jun 11, 2017
Angelicamarie : Hello cooltronto, thanks for responding to ladies and gents. I agree one have to be comfortable in their own skin to have inner beauty, I mentioned that in a previous blog, we so agree on that! Thanks for the compliment cooltronto, enjoy your evening. Best wishes
Jun 11, 2017
Cassielass : Hi Angelicamarie
Very well done you facing your fears - the best way to deal with fears is to face them head on they then lose their ability to have any hold over you and so you get your life back again.

I have had an ileostomy for several years now and go to a very active aqua fit class twice weekly. To date, I have not had a single concern that my bag might leak whilst in the pool I live in Scotland and fortunately for me all my supplies are free but the one I truly value are called Secuplasts or SPH1 - they are actually crescent moon shaped plasters. I secure my bag with four of them every time I change bags - they give me so much confidence - if you have them where you are they really are worthwhile getting. I also wear a tankini two piece suit and am happy that there is very little chance of my bag being obvious.
When in Texas get in the pool - don't eat a big / gassy meal before doing so and your bag will remain flat against your tummy - apparently it gains increased suction when in water .
best of luck - enjoy your family - take time to bask in their love - it heals better than most things
Warmest Regards
Jun 12, 2017
Angelicamarie : Hi cassielass, that's exactly what my intentions are to get my life
Back. You are fortunate to get your supplies free, I will look for the secuplasts tomorrow thank you for sharing that info. So how do you like the tankini, I like it , I got the high waisted bottoms, which covered the bag completely.thanks for the tip in not eating a big meal
Before swimming. Your very right love heals! Thanks again cassielass sincerely angelicamarie
Jun 12, 2017
Immarsh : I was 15 when I had my ileostomy surgery, and the first thing I bought when I was out of the hospital was bathing suits. We were a beach family ( Coney Island) and I had not been alowed out in the sun / surf for four long years. I never thought twice about the "if I could", I was just waiting until I healed so it was "when". And since then, I've managed to have 5o years of adventures......snorkeling on the great barrier reef, and other places have been highlights... I love the water. To all you newbies out there....Go for what you want to do...Anythng is possible. Best regards. Marsha Jun 13, 2017
Angelicamarie : Hi Marsha, thanks for responding to ladies and gents. I look at you as courageous anyway! 50 yeas ago things had to be rough being that the things we have such as supplies are quite different from what you had, but you kept me moving and as a teenager too. Wow marsh just the places you have been too, and I've been standing still since my surgery two years ago, afraid I suppose but me and the husband are looking At different airlines, You are my hero honesty your perservered during a time where some would have given up!
Yes Marsha I'm going,and you are right all things are possible!!!
Thanks again Marsha, have a good one!!! Angel
Jun 13, 2017
Immarsh : Enjoy your trip to Jersey City....and hope you get to NYC too. I'm in NJ but further south, but if you get some time, perhaps we can chat. I've been to texas a few times....and would love to go back. Was in Dallas, but only for two days, and in Houston for a Convention.....went to meetings and did a lot of shopping, but very little sightseeing. Hope you get to do more.
Best regards, Marsha.
Jun 13, 2017
Lemonlimeviolet : Angelicamarie-you have an amazing talent for bringing honesty and love to this community. You are truly beautiful-it comes through your spirit-in addition to your outstanding physical beauty. Seriously- you are beautiful. Fear not! I do understand why you have your reservations but I promise you- everyone you shine your light on is lucky indeed. I suspect you may not realize how bright your light shines and the intense positive impact you have on us. You need to know it and never forget. God Bless and keep you. Go rock that tankini girl??. Jun 14, 2017
Angelicamarie : Hello lemonlimeviolent, glad to know your still around and thanks for the Bible verse, I will never forget the kindness you showed.I much appreciate your kind words and the compliment I humbly accept the things that you have said. Also I'm glad I have a positive effect,for I sincerely care for people. No I didnt know my light shined, but it's good to know! Have a wonderful day lemonlimeviolent!!!!
God bless ! Angelicamarie
Jun 14, 2017
LadyHope : Hi Angelicamarie, Have lots of fun visiting with your family in New Jersey. It sounds exciting. Bathing suit shopping was never a favorite of mine then or now but I also wear a two piece tankini. The bottoms are also higher waisted. Honestly, I always wore higher waisted clothing because I am long waisted and short waisted clothing was not comfortable for me. Enjoy your visit and please keep us posted. Take care. LH Jun 16, 2017
Cassielass : Hi Angelicamarie
Love my tankini and yes I wear full sized pants with a blouson top and not one of the other class participants appears to have ever noticed that I have a bag - if they have they have just been too polite to say so.
I may be teaching my granny to suck eggs here - (Scottish saying when you think the information you are about to offer is already well known to the recipient)but some time ago I posted the following information on this site under the name of Vicki. with your holiday coming up and knowing how scary that can feel I thought I would re-send it in the hope that some of it might be of use to you.
Have a good life
Cassielass xx
here is the information re stoma tips as promised - hope it helps - keep in touch especially if you feel the world is against you as it does at times. Sometimes a blether is the right antidote

Best of luck

Warmest regards


Tips For People With Ostomy Surgery

Collection of practical ideas and suggestions for people with ostomy surgery.

The following information should not be construed as specific instructions for individual ostomates or random readers. None of the information, opinions, suggestions or advice, presented here, substitute for professional medical care or personal attention by a qualified practitioner and under no circumstances may it be relied upon as such. Always check with your doctor or your Stoma Nurse if you have any questions or concerns about your condition, if you are about to start a new program of treatment or try a new product or a drug. Consult your GP regarding applicability of any information found in this article in regards to your symptoms or medical condition.

The creators, publishers and editors of this article are not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any form of damage whatsoever resulting from the use (or misuse) of information, opinions, suggestions and advice contained in or implied by this document.

Swimming and showering: Some practical tips:
Try to avoid eating anything a few hours before you expect to swim. This will minimize your stoma output. Empty your pouch before swimming.
Do not put a new appliance on (flange if you use a two-piece system) before swimming, since it may be faulty. It is better to stay with the one you have on and you know it works well. For additional security (not necessary) you may put waterproof tape along all 4 sides of your flange.
Dry your appliance with a towel after the swim/shower.
If you irrigate or if you know that you will have very little output you can use a mini-pouch or stoma cap. It is better to use a two-piece system since you can leave the flange on and simply change the pouch to a mini.
When showering, you can fold the pouch up and put GLAD's Press 'n Seal (cling film) over and around it. It will help to keep the water out.

Anti-odour: Some practical ideas for keeping the odour out:
Add one teaspoon of baking soda in the pouch each time you change or empty. Some people claim that this removes 90% of the odour. It is easy & affordable.
Add a few drops of peppermint oil to pouch each time you change or empty.
Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to pouch each time you change or empty.
Add a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to pouch each time you change or empty.
One or two Chlorophyll tablets or Chlorophyll liquid taken with each meal may help, as Chlorophyll is a great deodorizer. They may be found at any health food store and on the Internet and are usually inexpensive.
Add 2/3 Tic Tacs to pouch each time you change or empty. This can reduce odour significantly. Try different types of Tic Tacs to find best results.
You can also try adding a teaspoon of mouthwash to your pouch.

Travelling: Practical tips for travellers:
Take two sets of flanges and pouches as changes in food and activity levels, as well as disruptions in your routine, can throw your ostomy off.
Wear clothing that does not press on your stoma.
Carry plenty of ostomy supplies in your carry-on bag, as lost/delayed luggage can cause serious problems. If possible, have all your supplies with you on the plane.
If using cut-to-fit flanges, make sure you cut them before you get on the flight.
Do not eat anything a few hours before flight in order to minimize stoma output.
If you have to go through security screens, make sure to advise the security personal of your ostomy. Although most of them should be properly trained, letting them know beforehand may avoid some uncomfortable situations. For extra security, consider obtaining a note from your doctor.
For longer flights (or bus or train rides) you may want to consider a high output bag as this will save some trips to the wash-room and will also last longer in case of no wash-room availability for prolonged periods of time.

Itchy skin: To ease / eradicate itching under & around wafer try the following:
Apply a small amount of Calamine lotion to the area where the wafer sticks to the skin as Calamine contains an anti-itching agent. You can use a hair dryer set on low for a few seconds to make sure your skin is dry before putting on the wafer.
Ask nurse or doctor about Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream cream. It is supposed to relieve moderate itching caused by certain skin conditions. This is a prescription medication.
Ask your nurse or doctor about Cortizone-10®. It is an anti-itch product that you can apply to your skin.
Anti-fungal powders relieve itch caused by fungal infections.
Some oral allergy medications may also help with itch. Check with nurse/ doctor.
Apply a spare wafer on opposite side of stoma to see if skin there will also start to itch - If it does you may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive.
Try rinsing skin around stoma using cool water with about 1 teaspoon. of baking soda added to it as this may help relieve itching.
Use skin barrier prior to putting on the new flange as this will help protect skin.
Never scratch the skin under the barrier as it may cause infections and sores.

Red and sore skin
Many ostomy manufacturers offer powders, creams, wipes etc. that can be used to treat irritated skin before applying the wafer. Check with your nurse or doctor.
If psoriasis is thought to be cause of itch, ask nurse/doctor for Clobe spray t works by reducing skin inflammation (e.g. redness, swelling, itching or irritation).
Aloe Vera plant to treat affected skin (not the juice or lotion bought in the store, but the plant itself) can be very successful in easing irritation. Just snip off about two inches of the plant and then slice it down the middle with a razor blade or a paring knife. The inside of the plant is watery and a bit gooey.

Make sure skin around stoma is clean, dry & completely free of any soap residue. Gently rub opened plant over skin to allow juice from plant to coat affected area. Allow juice to dry completely - don't wash it off skin, just re-apply your wafer. Use daily or as often as needed. Talk to your nurse or doctor before doing so.
You may also try wiping the affected area with baby wipes containing Aloe.

Blow outs: tips to prevent or minimize the risk of blow outs.
Blow outs refer to situations when stool or gas accumulation causes the pouch to either break or separate from the flange, causing a leak. This can happen to anyone and at any time - overnight, when you go out, in the car etc. The following are some pointers:
Eat little/nothing for 4 - 5 hrs. before bed time. Empty bag before going to bed.
Avoid gas-producing foods before bed time or before going out. Most foods that contain carbohydrates, lactose, starches and fibre can cause gas.
Change & or empty appliances regularly. Train yourself to waken up during night or set alarm clock just to make sure that everything is alright.
Use a towel, sheet protector or mattress cover under you to protect bed & sheets in case of an accident.
Some find that eating a few marshmallows before going to bed or going out helps with minimizing and solidifying the output.
If going out, make sure your pants or belt are not too tight on the bag. For 'Special Do's'' eat low fibre food for few days before occasion
Adding extra protection with secuplast seals is suggested

Remedies to get old and new stool stains out
Add soda crystals (in crystal or liquid form) to your laundry. This is a cheap way to handle stains. You can purchase soda crystals in household stores.
Try rubbing in AVON bubble bath liquid onto stains & wash with cold water.
Spray or rub in OxiClean onto the stained area and then wash with cold water.
Try using Greased Lightning - buy it on Internet. Some say it works miracles.
Another product to try is LA's Totally Awesome all purpose concentrated cleaner. Buy from Amazon. Spray it onto affected area & wash with cold water.

Drink some "Ballerina tea" to aid your bowel movement. A good and cheap place to find it is at an Asian market. or it can be bought from Amazon
Taking painkillers containing codeine may cause your stool to become harder (constipated). If you experience problems, check with your nurse or doctor.

Blockage: The shorter the bowels - higher the chance for blockage, e.g., there's a greater chance of obstructing if you have an ileostomy compared to colostomy.
Always chew your food properly swallowing. Drink plenty of liquids.
Be careful when eating oranges (or any other citrus fruit), since the membranes can cause severe blockage. Instead, try canned fruit where the membranes are much softer. Avoid fresh raw pineapple as it may cause severe blockage.

About oranges: you can try slicing the orange into thin slices (leave the peel on) - then cut the slice into half-moons to eat. This breaks up the membranes very well. This works for any citrus fruit.
Fresh veggies (onions, lettuce, celery, carrots, tomato etc.) nuts, mushrooms and other hard-to-digest foods ma cause blockage as well.
Most blockages are caused by food that was not processed properly by your digestive system. Make sure to chew the food well or to cook it till soft.
If you experience blockage you can drink some mineral oil. It makes things slide out. You should also drink plenty of liquids.
In case of blockage you can also try massaging the abdomen and the area around the stoma as this might increase the pressure behind the blockage and help it to "pop out." Most food blockages occur just below the stoma.
If nothing works, call your GP. However, if unable to contact GP and there is no output from the stoma for over a day, go to the emergency room immediately.

The reference of 'pancaking' is when stool gathers in the upper part of the pouch and stays there as opposed to going down to the bottom.
Make sure air is in the bag because if not enough air present it acts like a vacuum so the stool will sit where it comes out & will not drop down to bottom of bag.
You can also try adding a few drops of baby oil (or cooking oil) to the inside of the pouch and rub it in the inside walls to help the stool to slide down.

Improve wafer adhesion
Using antiperspirant just above the wafer may prevent sweat from interfering with the wafer's adhesive.
When changing appliance, use a hair dryer set on low and directed at skin around stoma to ensure area is absolutely dry before applying bag.

Also you can try softening the waver when changing appliance by using a hair dryer set on low and directed at the wafer to help the adhesion.
Adapt rings, Eakin rings or strip paste - You have to stretch the ring or the strip paste before application. If you use a hair dryer on low for about thirty seconds to heat up the ring, it becomes much easier to mould around the stoma.

Cavilon adhesive spray is excellent but remember to dry skin with hair-dryer before applying spray

How to thicken stool output
If you have an ileostomy & are concerned about leakage while changing your appliances try eating some marshmallows about 15 mins before changing. They tend to thicken output but Do not overdo them as they can cause blockage.
To "thicken- up" the output, one can also eat peanut butter, crackers, bananas or even Jelly Babies (or any sweeties with gelatine).

Cover your pouch in intimate moments
You can try using Bella Bands to cover and keep your appliances in place. They were designed for pregnant women, but can work great during sex, swimming or any other activity. Use them under your clothes in place of an ostomy belt.

Ileostomy - Food & Drink Hints & Tips

Over time the small intestine adapts & your stoma output should thicken (up to a porridge-like consistency) & reduce to around 400-800ml (4-5 bag changes per day) so that you are able to manage a perfectly normal diet & do not need to eat any special foods with an ileostomy.

However, some things to pay special attention to include:
Drink larger amounts of water and ensure you have enough salt in your diet as you will lose more salt than other people.

Be aware that high-fibre foods can stimulate your gut and give you diarrhoea or may cause a blockage.

These foods include: cabbage, pineapple, bean sprouts, tomato skins, nuts, coconuts, bamboo shoots, orange pith, lettuce, celery, popcorn, mushrooms & dried fruit.
Chew all high-fibre foods well to aid digestion and avoid colic. You are advised to peel all fruit that you eat

Make sure you eat regularly as this helps to regulate stoma function.
Occasionally, some people have continuing problems with stool frequency or consistency in which case you may need to take medication to control it.

Fluid intake
Although a good fluid intake is an important part of any healthy diet it is particularly important if you have an ileostomy.
In order to prevent dehydration you should try to drink 8-10 cups of fluid a day.
Avoid or restrict alcohol as this is dehydrating.
As salt losses are very high it is also important to take extra salt.

If you take part in vigorous physical exercise such as competitive sport or if the weather is very hot you will need to take extra care to drink enough fluid and to further increase your salt intake. Isotonic drinks such as Lucozade Sport can be useful for ileostomists if taken with salty snacks such as crisps.

NB if your stoma output is high (more than 1litre), or you are sweating (through exercise or hot weather) then you may need to take additional fluids that contain salt. Speak to your dietitian or doctor for advice on what you should take.

Blockage with undigested food residues can sometimes occur especially if stoma is tight. Food blockage results in minimal watery or no output from the stoma. Though a blockage is extremely painful In most cases it will resolve spontaneously but if symptoms persist you should seek medical advice. For the first few weeks following surgery, and later if you experience repeated obstructions, you may be advised to modify your fibre/residue intake.

For most ileostomates this is unnecessary & avoidance of a few foods most likely to cause blockage is sufficient to prevent problems e.g. sweetcorn, fruit and vegetable skins and pips, nuts, seeds, coconut, muesli, whole-grains, dried fruits, fibrous fruits and vegetables such as celery, bamboo shoots, pineapple and mango.

It is essential to chew all food thoroughly, especially meat & high fibre foods. good idea to avoid raw celery
Jun 16, 2017
Angelicamarie : Cassielass wow I'm speechless thank you!!! Angelicamarie Jun 16, 2017
Pumpkin215 : Angelicamarie,

Thank you for your posts and blogs, you made me feel better today, I had a bit of an issue (leakage) and had to RACE into the Ladies Room at lunch time to change the whole everything, flange, or wafer, bag, put the ring on first, then the half-moon shaped bandage, OH that was fun. I first discovered the issue with only my purse at hand, had to leave the LR and get back into the office (nonchalantly rather than panic-stricken) and get my supplies.

I hope you enjoy your family visits and are wearing or have worn that new bathing suit. I am NOT thin and have lost some weight after the colon re-section (emergency surgery March 17th 2017) but have a lot more to go. I used to LOVE going to the Jersey Shore every summer but have not gone in the past few years. I promised myself (while lying in that hospital bed for 11 days at Lenox Hill Hospital, 100 East 77th Street, NY,NY 10075, a great hospital they took the best care of me) that I would go to the Jersey Shore next summer come hell or high water whether or not I have had the reversal surgery or still have the ostomy bag. It is not easy but at least we can laugh here on this site.
Jun 28, 2017
Angelicamarie : Pumpkin 215 girl you'll lose that weight, and girl you wear the bathing suit don't let it wear you good luck!!! Angel Jun 28, 2017
Dean25190227 : Hiya
I had my astomate in November last year. Before I had a rare condition that ment that I have had to have ostomate. You have done so well to get to this point. You are an amazing person, And very special. You are as beautiful as you are inside. I went to the beach with my family and it was packed, I felt so scared to sunbathe but I sat there and said to my self. We are are very special and we are unique. So I led there and I took my shirt off. No one looked or stared at me, not even when I was stood paddling in the shallow. It felt great. You will look amazing no matter what you wear we all ostomate's we are all behind you all the way
Jun 28, 2017
Angelicamarie : Hi Dean , thank you so much for the kind compliments. You are correct we all all are unique in our own way, we were made like that. Dean you showed much courage by taking your shirt off, really the only thing that is different from ostamates and others is our plumbing. But until we accept it and ignorant people understand they will not understand, But the good thing is most of us understand one another because we are connected like family, thanks for responding to ladies and gents, you have a wonderful evening courageous Dean.. Jun 28, 2017
Angelicamarie : Pumpkin215, so sorry you had that problem today, you handled it like a champ. I had an accident the other night in bed, but it still sucks. I truly hope you can get the reversal and all goes well. No pumpkin I haven't wore the tankini yet saving it for my trip. Thanks so much for
responding to ladies and gents. Pumpkin keep your head up everyone has had accidents. Good luck to you and God bless!!! Angel
Jun 29, 2017
Angelicamarie : Hello Moning glory, i’m Glad that you got something good from my blog, We all are unique people before and definetley after, I was always compassionate with the sick . But now i”m sick lol. Their are some really good people on the site. I will share my journey with you and you can share yours with me. As far as you updating your membership, that’s totally up to you. If you should run into a cruel person, just keep moving, there not worth the good energy. There’s to many good people !! Good luck angelicamarie Jun 26, 2018
Past Member: I search the world ???? over. Jun 30, 2018
Angelicamarie : Kemo, So what you saying? I don't understand. Angelicamarie Jul 01, 2018
Past Member: Timing is very thing. Jul 02, 2018

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