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Posted by Victor61

Good Monday morning to you all

I just wanted to share a wee piece of my good news with you all,

yesterday, Sunday 24th June i went swimming to the local sports centre in frankston,

my partner purchased one of those surf shirts and that was great for discretely hiding my bag,

i have a permanent illiostomy from the 4th of may and am well on the road to recovery,

im also returning to work on the 6th of July, life is good !

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AusRob : Well done.. I have resumed swimming & now wear board shorts (no more speedos) to cover my bag.. the exercise is so good for the body & the mind & makes me feel that "nothing has really changed"... cheers.Rob. Jun 24, 2018
Victor61 : Hi rob. That's awesome news, I intend on head back today, so I'm nice and strong for work Enjoy your day Vb Jun 24, 2018
Rosiesmom : Hi, good for you. I have been considering water aerobics but was concerned about appliance comi unstuck in water, did you do anything to prevent. Jun 28, 2018
Victor61 : Not a thing. Just wore a surf shirt to conceal Jun 28, 2018
AusRob : Victor.. I think I can help out with some answers to your questions / problems... we will need to chat in the general section as I am not a full member.. cheers.. rob. Jun 28, 2018
Victor61 : Hi Rob Possibly that's why you have not been able to reply to some of my messages. Lol Jun 28, 2018
AusRob : Will send off for full membership this weekend... can then chat about health & swimming... R. Jun 28, 2018
Victor61 : Excellent Jun 28, 2018
Puppyluv56 : I have a pool and have not had any trouble with my pouch coming off. I think the glue gets a little broken down and gooey ( turns white like Elmer's glue) but seems to still be sticky! Aug 14, 2018
Puppyluv56 : Hey guys! I finally got my Itrigation supplies in. I am amazed!!! I thought I had ordered just one kit with the essentials but little did I know, I ordered what looks to be a mo the supply. There are 14 kits each with two barrier rings, two closed small pouches, two sleeves, the water bag and tubing, a cone, cleaning brush for the cone, a tail closure, lubricant, I will need to build a ceiling to floor cabinet in my toilet room just for supplies! Good thing we are getting ready to remodel the bathroom! This all raises some questions. 1. Do you reuse the sleeve? If you are going to go thru the trouble of cleaning it, I would imagine you can. Especially using a two piece. How many times can you use one sleeve.these supplies could last lots longer. 2. How much water do you use to irrigate? The bag goes from 500cc to 2000 cc. 3. Do you wait any given time after eating a meal? Going out for Mexican tonight so want to be sure I am not setting myself up for failure.I think I am going to start tonight so hopefully , I will have your thoughts and answers for those that irrigate! Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you! Puppyluv Aug 23, 2018
Real Guy : Thanks for the message Victor61. I would love to get to know you more Nov 02, 2018

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