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Have You Ever And What Do You Think?

Posted by shirlee

 Has anyone attended a place/event like this and do you think it would help spread Ostomy awareness?


The state of Oklahoma has been selected as the convention destination for the 86th annual American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) Convention.

Nudists from all over will travel to the family-friendly nudist park Oaklake Trails Naturist Park, which is located halfway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, where this year's biggest clothing-optional convention is being held.

“We are very excited that AANR has chosen our facility as their convention destination as we celebrate Oaklake Trails' 25 year anniversary," said Oaklake Trails president Gary Spangler in a statement.

The seven-day convention kicks off with an open forum at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 7 and is open to the public.

The convention will consist of events, meetings and seminars throughout the week that promote and advocate for the freedom of social nude recreation. It will run Aug. 7 through 14.Oaklake Trails Naturist Park (

Hello shirlee.
It sounds like an interesting gathering and if this is the sort of experience you enjoy, then I would say "Go for it!"
Before his death, my brother and his wife used to run a dress-optional camp in New Zealand which I visited every year in the days when traveling half way round the world posed no obstacles. The welcome was warm, friendly and completely non-judgemental so I expect the people at such a convention would have similar characteristics. I feel sure that having a few people with bags would be an educational experience for some of them but I suspect that many of them will not even notice, even if they do, I'm pretty sure the bag will not be classified as 'clothing' - so you should be okay!
Best wishes
I have not attended a conference like this one, but I do like to go to 'clothing optional' beaches. The first time was hard, but liberating all at the same time. It made me feel more comfortable with my physical self, but also seemed a public awareness act too. Go for it shirlee
If you were good with it before no need to change your mind because you have a bag. It maybe a conversation starter. I have been to a beach but do not think a conference is for me.
Just had a convo with my hubby about doing sthg similar. I am of 2 minds - it's 'all about me' but at same time liberating. I would only do it with people close around me but then I would ask, why am I doing this? It only brings attention to me. Tricky one. Do what you feel comfortable with at end of the day. X

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